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10 Fun And Naughty Wedding Gifts

By Jaspreet Soni

Home décor items may be a popular wedding gift, but if your close friend is getting married, you want to gift them something unusual, a reminder of all the fun or naughty conversations you’ve shared! Here are 10 fun and naughty wedding gifts that are sure to make the couple chuckle with delight.

Couple Clone Dolls
No one can escape the laughter when they see their own 3D caricature in the form of bobble heads. All you have to do is provide the photograph of the couple and choose the setting in which you want them to be, the bathroom, over the moon, or on the beach; there are quite a few options available, each of them a riot!.

Personalized Magazine Cover
A personalized cover of Vogue magazine or a crispy headline with photos on Time magazine cover is a nice way to surprise the couple. Provide a photo, write a headline and have 3 copies shipped to you –a magazine cover where you can slip in the actual magazine and two prints that can be framed or pinned. If you’re feeling adventurous, blow these up and paste them all over the wedding venue. Expect the guests to feel amazingly privileged.

Couple clone dolls and a personalized magazine cover

Personal Movie
If you are thinking of something more enigmatic than photos, then how about an animated movie with the couple and some loved ones as characters playing their part? ExcitingLives brings to fore a group of professionals who work with you to develop a story, favorite music and develop a hilarious movie around that concept.

Romeo and Juliet Tribute
Get Shakespeare to write a love story for the couple – we hear he works at ExcitingLives these days. For all those who are hopelessly in love, the world’s most romantic play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ forms the most amazing read with the characters’ names replaced by names of the couple throughout. Even the back cover can have the picture of the couple. This wedding gift is certainly for keeps.

Pop Art Lichtenstein
WHAAM! Pop Art of your favorite picture in Lichtenstein style can set any wall afire in a very unique way. Just look up the term in Google and you’ll know why this is a hot favorite the world over with its vivid colors and trademark benday dots. The only thing better than this gift is actually two of these, lending a character to your interior décor in a manner few can achieve!

Levitation kit
Ok, so we got the folks over at ExcitingLives to create a special hamper just for our dear readers, and here it is – the Levitation Kit. A collection of all things boozy for the couple who like to get high in style! The kit includes cutest little charms for wine glasses, designer bar set and beer accessories, funky bottle stoppers and shot glasses, daaru cushions with A to Z of drinking illustrated, beer soaps, and then some true drinkers’ must haves. This levitation kit makes the most exciting and memorable gift ever.

The levitation kit hamper from www.excitinglives.com

Wedding couple caricature
Treat the couple with their own humorous exaggerated sketches in a fantasy setting and no one can stop them from grinning ear to ear. This gift is a keepsake because the caricature will look a lot like them but at the same time have the striking abnormalities to keep reminding them of you.

Kamasutra chocolates
One of the naughtiest wedding gifts is adding sweetness to the newly wedded couple’s life by gifting luscious chocolates inspired by Kamasutra. The chocolates are shaped in different kamasutra positions and are a sure fire way to keep the couple giggling the entire day.

Edible lingerie
Spicing up the romance between the couple is a great idea by gifting the exciting edible lingerie. They come in assorted colors, flavors and styles; you name it and the stores have it. But make sure you know the couple pretty well because naughty items can sometimes offend too.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
You think life’s a puzzle and enjoy piecing bits of life together? When you are looking for something to add that personal touch and enjoyment to the gift then photo jigsaw puzzle says it all. Challenge, curiosity, and uniqueness are what make this gift truly adorable. You can pick a picture of a treasured time of couple’s life and get it turned into a jigsaw puzzle.

Left, a picture converted to Lichenstein style pop-art poster. Right, the photo jigsaw puzzle.

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