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10 Photographers Share Top Emotional Moments Captured At Weddings

Tears of joy during the pheras, smiles hiding sadness as a bride bids farewell to her family, elation as the baraat draws near – weddings include myriad expressions and emotions captured for posterity that enable couples to relive the celebrations years later. Wedding photographers are talented memory keepers who do all the hard work to capture candid moments and make the whole process look effortless. We asked 10 lensmen to share their top emotional wedding moments. Check out their and their teams’ selections below and find out what made these shots so sentimental for them.

1. Emotional Wedding Vows
This capture of raw emotion as the bride recites her wedding vows is something the couple will cherish forever. More often than not, while reciting the vows, the bride has a moment when she needs to wipe tears off her cheeks, and the Whatknot team managed to capture this exact moment.

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: Whatknot

2. Father-Daughter Bond
The bond between a father and daughter is precious, and this relationship faces its truest test when a father weds his little girl. The thought of not being able to see her often can make even the strongest of fathers cry. “Think about the moment when he knows that she is leaving him forever. We managed to capture just that in this picture,” shares the team at Infinite Memories.

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: Infinite Memories

3. Mother’s Memories
Team Sutra Snapperz shares the story behind this intense moment captured on camera. “It was a regular makeup shoot for Ankita, the bride. Generally, we like to talk to brides when shooting since it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed to have you around on their big day. The photo shoot was as candid as possible and she looked stunning in every picture. Ankita was all smiles and happy until we mentioned her mother in the conversation, and then she burst into tears like a baby. This was extremely special for us since we were there to witness how overwhelmed Ankita was at that time to let go of her loving parents and step into a brand new life.”

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: Sutra Snapperz

4. The Hardest Goodbye
All his life, he wants to give his daughter the best he can, but on the big day, the best is taken from him! This heartwarming and emotional moment was successfully captured by the Knotty Affair team as the father hugs his daughter when she gets ready to embark on the matrimonial journey with her husband.

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: Knotty Affair

5. Letting Go Gracefully
House on the Clouds beautifully captured this heartbreaking moment of a bride saying goodbye to her mother. The weight of gratitude for the burden her parents have carried for lifetime and the magnitude of unconditional love crushes a bride’s heart as she leaves them. It is even harder for a father or a mother to let go of the biggest part of themselves. “This is one of the few moments at weddings where photography might fail to do justice to the depth of emotions that these moments carry,” says the talented team.

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: House on the Clouds

6. Teary Farewell
One of the most emotional moments from the wedding ceremony is when the bride’s family bids her a teary farewell during the ‘bidaai’. For the Happy Flashbacks team, shooting the ‘bidaai’ always leaves them superemotional. “Every time we watch this image, we get a lump in our throats. It’s just so emotional for every daughter and her parents.”

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks

7. Elation & Excitement
We’ve seen a lot of brides getting emotional as they walk down the aisle, but this bride in the photo lit up the frame in a way that we have never seen before. We truly never witnessed a happier, more beaming bride as she locked eyes with the groom. “She was overwhelmed with the love from her family and the joy of starting a new life, and we managed to capture this moment just as the priest was explaining the meaning of the rituals she was performing,” explains the Flgroe Studios team.

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: Flgroe Studios

8. Furry Fun
Seventy by Two captured a unique moment of the couple with their furry pet as he looks upon his favorite humans starting a new journey together. “Rio was bride Nisha’s pet and she had since he was a little puppy. When the time came for Rio to be introduced to Nisha’s fiancé Sangeet, the pup must have felt the same emotions as that of a brother or a best friend, knowing that he will have to now share his most favorite human. This particular shot taken during Nisha and Sangeet’s pre-wedding shoot with them holding hands and facing Rio, and he’s looking up to Sangeet – personifies a lot of emotions that you can read through Rio’s expressions,” recalls Team Seventy By Two.

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: Seventy by Two

9. Embrace of Emotions
Simple photos often have a deeper emotional connect. Moments before taking this photo, bride Anyushka had confided in Shweta from The Creative Lens something that she really treasures about her mom, and that was the time that the two of them spent together. It is such an invaluable aspect in the parent-child relationship particularly in today’s age where parents find it difficult to spend time with their children, and vice versa. When Shweta managed to capture this fleeting moment filled with emotions just minutes before Anyushka’s baraat arrived, she knew that the picture would be cherished by both of them for many days.

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: The Creative Lens

10. Love and Laughter
This fun moment happened minutes before the bride reached her sangeet venue. Team ND Photography shares, “We came to the venue where the bride was staying to take shots of her getting ready for the sangeet. We finished the session, and as we start moving towards the main venue, we waited for more than 15 minutes for a vehicle to pick up the bride. She called everybody but there was no response from anyone. Finally the groom surprised her by arriving in a Rolls Royce with champagne to pick her up. She was beyond surprised and beamed with joy and we managed to capture that moment in this picture.”

Emotional MomentsPhoto Courtesy: ND Photography

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