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10 Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Styling Inspirations

What sets one pre-wedding photo shoot apart from the other? It’s all about the aesthetics and styling you bring to it. A great photographer and gorgeous locations also add that unique essence to the results, but ultimately the focus is on the couple and how they look. Here, we present styling inspirations that will help brides-to-be pick their looks and style the clothes for maximum impact.

1. Classy Chic
Clean cuts and a neural palette always look chic, and with some smart styling and backdrops, they manage to avoid appearing bland or boring. Pair such ensembles with elegant pieces of jewellery and tasteful accessories, and you will look like a million dollars. If you don’t like piling on the bling, just opt for a pair of pearl studs and a bold cocktail ring for a minimalist yet memorable vibe.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Dev Purbiya

2. Arm Candy
When you are unsure about what to wear, believe in your sleeves! Statement sleeves have been around for a while, and designers keep innovating with this handy part of a garment. Take your pick from cold shoulders, balloon sleeves, regal ruffles or even cutesy ones with pretty bows on them depending on the theme of your pre-wedding photo shoot. You will look on trend and youthful with these cool options.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Dev Purbiya

3. Colour of Love
It’s said that if someone wants to stand out, they should wear red! Little wonder then that the allure of a ‘Lady in Red’ continues to be a defining element when it comes to designing a bold look. Incorporate reds into your pre-wedding photo shoot wardrobe through a short red dress, a scarlet gown or a cherry red mini skirt – this hue will make all your photos pop.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Hitched and Clicked

4. Blooming Romance
Floral prints are timeless and imbue the wearer with a sense of cheery effervescence. Check if your grandmother has some vintage sarees with floral prints and borrow them for the shoot. Design a retro-themed photo shoot with your photographer or keep it contemporary with modern backdrops and accessories. We bet you will look like a blooming beauty in these pretty prints.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Katie Donnelly

5. Fairytale Fabulosity
Ball gowns are all about royalty and drama – check out the beautiful ones in Disney fairytale classics. The embellished bodice, full skirt and the whirl of the fabric as you turn in circles is eye-catching and dramatic. And what’s more – you will feel every inch a princess in such an ensemble. Now, make sure your fiance also dons something regal to match your look.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Naman Verma

6. Make It Pop
A lot of people shy away from bright pops of color. However, the fact is that vibrant hues help subjects stand out in photographs. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a cheery vibe to a fun photo shoot. However, keep in mind that the shades or colorful prints you pick for yourself don’t clash with the background or with the clothes of your partner.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Ramit Batra

7. Giddy Midis

Mid-length dresses add a demure yet adventurous vibe when paired with sharp jackets, boots, and bold accessories. The cuts and fabrics of midi dresses tend to flatter most body types, and the mid-calf hem lends a conservative yet compelling edge to your look. Opt for deep colors for an elegant look or wear a lighter, summery shade and bump it up with darker, contrasting accessories.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Ankit Singh

8. Subtle Sophistication
Nothing spells sophistication better than a subdued palette. The interesting aspect of a somber palette is you can play around with pretty pastels or darker monochrome colors depending on the theme of your photo shoot. For a more formal feel, opt for embellished or embroidered ensembles like structured peplum jackets with interesting collars or a fringed monochrome flapper dress.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Happyframes

9. Ever Enchanting
Informal floor-length dresses such as maxi dresses are perfect for pre-wedding photo shoots as they are very versatile and comfortable. They are good for casual day shoots and can be dressed up easily for a late evening shoot. Today, maxi dresses come in a wide variety of cuts, fabrics, and colors – from boho to formal, bold to cute – take your pick from the many options which can be styled easily for any theme.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: WhatKnot

10. Saree Soiree
Apart from browsing through your grandmother’s wardrobe for that perfect vintage saree, you can also take your pick from the multiple styles of traditional and trendy sarees that are available today. A beautiful saree look can be inspired by your favorite Bollywood romantic hit, and you will nail that look down perfectly with the six yards. Drape it in different ways, and you are all set to star in your own love story during your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot OutiftsPhoto Courtesy: Saneesh Sukumaran

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