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10 Unique Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

So it’s your wedding and those minute details have been planned to the T. From flowers to the ‘mandap’, everything has been struck off your wedding planning checklist – but hey, what about those all-important wedding invitations? Chances are, you have already planned yours but if you want to add that extra edge of quirkiness and individuality to a linear piece of information, we suggest checking out some cool wedding invites below for inspiration.

1. Like a CD
Want your wedding invite to play like a beautiful short film? If yes, then definitely consider getting your desired design imprinted on CDs by Ramya Ramaswamy, founder of Kards Creative Wedding Invitation Studio. Making the best use of your love for old-world audio culture, eh?


2. Like a Doodle Drawing
Take your love for cheeky classroom doodles and funky sketches to the next level by showcasing important details of your love story through these quirky drawings. Not only do these kind of invites make for vibrant creations, but these doodle invites also engage and interest viewers with their clever storyboard structure.


3. Like a Restaurant Menu
If you have multiple wedding details that you want to fit into just one invitation card, try the efficient restaurant ‘menu’ design option. This style shares succinct details via icons and brief words but is also flexible enough to be customized so you can have a visual feast. So go ahead and play around with colors and design the details accordingly. Problem solved!


4. Like a Filmy Poster
Want to profess your love for ‘all things Bollywood’? Then what better way to do that than by getting your invites designed like a romantic movie poster! You also get to score a double whammy since you get to ‘play’ the hero or heroine and also get to romance your partner! True that!


5. Like an Illustration
What better than a wedding invite that can also double up as a beautiful wall hanging? Get on a talented card designer like Mekala Murli to illustrate your love story on your invites. Do discuss your ideas and the color scheme with him her for a more cohesive and authentic design structure and narrative.


6. Like Traditional Trends
If you like to wear your significant traditions and beliefs on your sleeve, then do consider incorporating them via motifs or illustrations into your wedding invites such as these created by Kankotri Designs. Try customizing them according to your choice of colors and your family’s revered symbols to give a spiritual touch to your invites.


7. Like Beautiful Florals
Want to take your love for flowers to the next level? We suggest exploring some beautiful and elegant floral designs by Sketch Designs and Customising Creativity in Mumbai. Also check out Inksedge’s unique, intricate flower motif patterns to add to your wedding cards. Your invites will look like beautiful pieces of art and we bet your guests are going to treasure them as keepsakes!


8. Like Pop Art
Bring your love for Lichtenstein (comic book style words) to your wedding invites through these fun pop art inspired designs by Aparna Shaw Mehta of Kolkata-based Artistic Cloud. Personalize this eye-catching typography over your favorite photo for a quirky yet intimate feel.


9. Like a Game Box
Can anything get kitschier than designing your own wedding invites that resemble your favorite family board games? What’s more, these can also double up as great past time activities. Take special care to ensure that the invite’s surface can accommodate the heavy graphic design and other information details.


10. Like a Piece of Art
Pique your guests’ interests with invites they can treasure for a lifetime. Play around with elements of art and culture on the invites and/or the boxes containing them. We advise you sit to with your designer and explain to him/her about color schemes you are considering, paintings you are inspired by and details you want embossed or painted on the invites. We bet such invites will be proudly displayed in homes long after the wedding is over.


If you’d like to share your own unique wedding invite or a card you designed email us at weddingsutra@gmail.com. In the meanwhile, check out our collection of Unique and Inspiring Wedding Stationery

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