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11 Pre-Wedding Films That You’re Sure To Love

The pre-wedding photoshoot is now a staple but couples are upping the game. Not only is the trend moving from still to moving images, couples are capturing their romance and chemistry in new avatars, clever concepts and very stylized settings.

If you’re thinking about a pre-wedding film, we’ve got you some ideas and inspiration.

1. Regal Recital – Sunny Dhiman Photography
Rajasthan is known for its unmatched royal heritage and spellbinding architecture and Reet and Rattan’s pre-wedding film is steeped in the spirit of the Land of Kings. The carefully stylized shoot is all mood, glamor and romance and the duo looks nothing less than a king and queen!

2. Cinematic Story – House On The Clouds
A Bollywood love story may be hard to find, but when it comes by, the right thing to do is capture it in a style that is just as romantic. Abhisha and Sagar’s wedding video has all the romance of the silver screen. The film even opens with dialogues by the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The two look like reel life sweethearts and the backdrops match the mood perfectly.

3. Love in Ladakh WeddingNama
You hear the words ‘romance in Ladakh’ and chances are you’re thinking of Pia in a bridal outfit riding a scooter on her way to meet Rancho. Kabir and Krushika’s pre-wedding video, however, will change that. This beautiful couple weaves their own love story amidst the barren mountains and moonscapes of this land and the captivating visuals make a lasting impression.

4. Life in a day of love – Sahni Studio
Rohit and Marina’s young, fresh-faced romance makes their film look like a gorgeous ad-film. Showcasing everyday love in everyday situations, their ease in front of the camera and the comfort they share with each other comes shining through. An innocent, endearing film!

5. Love and Landscapes – Virasat Shoots
For those who have a love for breathtaking natural vistas, Navjot and Govind’s pre-wedding video is a visual treat. Their film captures moments of togetherness against striking backdrops; secluded countryside, a clear blue lake or the view of a chain of mountains, the scenes cover them all.

6. Timeless Treasures – Sree Studio
The south of India is a treasure trove of ancient temples, structures and religious pageantry. Sharada and Mahesh make the most of this wealth of imagery in their pre-wedding video. The duo embodies the spirit of a traditional couple through their style, creating a unique aesthetic.

7. Meeting to Mandap – Baqdrop
Cute and quirky, Kritika and Sahil explore new terrain through their wedding video which features a skit! The results are certainly interesting. Using songs and expressions, they give you a glimpse into their first impressions about the other and their expectations of the future making this a cut above the rest.

8. Pretty as Picture – Jodi clickers
Akanksha and Prabhav tell the story of their love through a fascinating concept. The video begins with a soft board covered in Polaroids that take you through their experiences and through the course of the film, one is introduced to the experiences behind those captivating frames. A rivetting technique of storytelling.

9. Charm Unlimited – Studio Finesse
Mohit and Divya’s pre-wedding photoshoot is a montage of alluring visuals. While there are several noteworthy moments, one of the most charming ones is when Mohit goes down on one knee and slips a ring on Divya’s finger. Classic romance at its best.

10. Sweet Nothings – Golden Calf Studio
Weddings are just a gateway to real life and Amit and Malvika show they can create magic even in a domestic atmosphere. The duo’s connection is evident and the romantic background score further deepens your perception of their emotions making this one of the sweetest pre-wedding films.

11. Young Love – Pixelgaze Photography
Akanksha and Sachin’s pre-wedding video in Goa depicts their love for each other through the smiles that they share as they look into each other’s eyes, as they spend playful moments by the beach and as they walk down a beautiful pathway fringed with tropical greens. The shoot captures their modern-day romance wonderfully and is a montage of captivating visuals.

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