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15 Awesome Locations for Pre-Wedding Shoots in Mumbai

It’s Mumbai, meri jaan. The city of dreams is teeming with iconic architecture, gorgeous seascapes, vintage locales and modern day marvels. We’ve picked some of the most captivating backdrops for your pre-wedding shoot.

You’re about to marry the love of your life. But between all the wedding prep and costume rehearsals, escape the maddening familial rituals by taking a breather – a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Spend the day posing and having fun with your fiancé, make some memories and get the best out of Mumbai with this guide to the best Pre Wedding Photography locations in Mumbai.

1) For the vintage lover
The wide expanse of steps leading up to this 19th century, Greek Revival structure is an iconic Mumbai landmark and the backdrop to several fashion, photo and film shoots. If you’re looking for grandeur and elegance, the Asiatic Library is a beautiful combination of both and will look splendid in both colour and dramatic black and white photographs.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Knotty Affair by Namit and Vipul

2) A picture postcard moment
South Mumbai’s Marine Drive boulevard is also home to one of two of the world’s most celebrated Art Deco districts. (The other one is in Miami, Florida.) It’s no wonder this stretch has inspired many a cinematographer to preserve its spectacular beauty in several popular films. Whether you want to recreate iconic film stills, have a little fun or shoot a romantic sunset-against-the-sea, you’ll find moments to treasure in the Queen’s Necklace.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Movie’ing Moments

3) In honour of the fortress of your love (and Coldplay!)
Ribbons and balloons are not your thing. Bubbles are iridescent but pop too quickly. You’re a rock solid couple with history behind you and looking forward to making history ahead. Showcase your timeless love against the beautiful ruins of the Vasai Fort. Amongst many other reasons to do so, you’ll then have something in common with the band Coldplay who shot parts of their video for the song ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ right here too! We can sing along to that!

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- IntoCandid Photography

4) A gateway to a new adventure
Iconic! This is one of India’s most treasured and best known landmarks. The Gateway of India is a sublime, classy exemplar of a historical monument with modern relevance. Its Victorian architecture, the ocean sparkling in the back and the boats bobbing up and down will make for some stunning pictures!

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Candid Wedding Stories

5) By the sea of tranquility
If you’re looking for an idyllic location with the ocean in the background and a stunning rocky beach, the Bandra Bandstand seafront features several niches to take pictures against. ‘Old style’ lampposts, benches, low walls and all the usual seascapes will make for stunning, classic, romantic pictures.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Mithilesh Choubey

6) With the approval of Mother Nature
If you’re looking for deep forest, wild wildernesses and incredible landscapes, you don’t need an expensive destination-shoot budget. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the world’s largest protected urban tropical forest and it’s right here, a short drive away from the hustle of the city. You’ll have people go green when they see your pictures.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Candid Wedding Stories

7) Just two kids in love
Maybe you fell in love when you were still kids. Maybe you make each other feel as carefree as little children. Either way, we suggest you head straight down to the sprawling Imagica Theme Park. There are thrills and spills and an album full of laughter and fun here before you get on life’s real rollercoaster.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Dev Purbiya

8) Love in full bloom
The Central Park in Navi Mumbai is a delight for all the senses. It’s green and in season, full of blossoms and birdsong. Take pictures in the dappled sunlight, breathe in the sweet air and get a natural glow on your faces as you whisper sweet nothings to each other and get ready for your big day.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Your Day – Weddings & Events

9) Just the two of you in the big, big world
You’ve found your perfect ‘face in the crowd’ but if you want to lose the crowds, head to Azad Maidan. With over 22 acres of open space, the iconic domes and towers of CST (formerly Victoria Terminus) in the background, you can have the ground to yourselves early in the morning for a gorgeous panoramic shoot.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Burn Pixels Photography

10) Sun and sand and nostalgia
Juhu Beach is Mumbai’s most popular beach and you can tell. Recent cleanliness drives have made this popular seafront much more hospitable and whether you want an ethereal sunset or the kitschy color and sights of a typical Indian beachfront in your pictures, you’re spoilt for choice. Our suggestion? Take some ‘classic shots’ and then give in to the gawking tourist hordes and pose like a couple of stars, surrounded by ‘fans’.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Knotty Affair by Namit and Vipul

11) For an epic city romance
Horniman Circle has historical relevance and is a modern day hub for several arts initiatives including the annual Sufi music festival, Ruhaniyat and the Kala Ghoda Festival. However, this garden is also just stunning to look at. Capture the mood of a city that buzzes with creative energy by taking some romantic pictures in these beautiful environs. Don’t forget to bring your classic and contemporary Volkswagen Beetle to make the picture perfect.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Say Cheeze Photography

12) Modern love in the old art district
The Kala Ghoda precinct is a treasure in South Mumbai. Whether you want to pose against the iconic architecture of the blue synagogue, in front of the horse painted on the Khyber wall, with the art galleries behind you or on the wide pavements, under the sprawling old trees, you’ll make beautiful memories and pictures here.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Picture Together

13) Wow Victorian Vibe
Fancy some Victorian charm? Then stop by the elegant and quiet Ballard Estate for your photoshoot! The buildings there were designed by George Wittet, the architect behind some of Mumbai’s iconic landmarks such as the Gateway of India and the Prince of Wales Museum which is now called the Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- The Photo Lab

14) In front of the time-honoured and true
The Mumbai Samachar is Asia’s oldest running newspaper and while the stories inside must be quite colorful enough, the Mumbai Samachar building outside is a beautiful deep red and a standout location in the Fort area of the city. Plan to contrast against it, maybe bring in some fun props and you’ll ‘be in the news’ with your friends with your excellent photo shoot.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- WhatKnot

15) A Mumbai gothic love story
The imposing, gorgeous Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation building is a heritage structure built in the late nineteenth century. Recently restored to its former glory, by day your backdrop will have arches, carved embellishments and fantastical creatures like gargoyles and griffins. By night however, the building is lit up beautifully and will give a modern day fairytale look to your photos.

Mumbai’s Best Pre-WeddingPhoto Courtesy- Happyframes

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