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15 of Our Favorite Wedding Invites

The party starts with the wedding invitation. Whether it’s a teaser for the coming festivities, a hint of the theme of your wedding or a way you introduce your personalities and relationship, an invitation card can capture the imagination of your guests and create a sense of anticipation.

We skimmed through some of our favorite invites for the most inspiring and creative cards. They range from artistic to quirky and can be a wonderful trailer to your real-life love story!

An Elegant Affair
If you fancy a dreamy backdrop for your wedding invite then this one designed by Kahaani Designwork for Namrta and Rohan’s wedding would be perfect. Floral motifs with a combination of white and gold makes for a very elegant, sophisticated design. We wouldn’t be surprised if your guests held on to the card as a souvenir.


Minimalist Accents
Wedding invitations can be quite linear and information heavy. But this beautifully crafted invite by Ozel Designs looks like a vintage fairytale storybook dedicated to telling a love story. Its delicate floral patterns and muted color scheme spell class and refinement.


Visual Surprise
Santhosh and Jacinta’s wedding cards were designed by Ponz Happy Life Designs to lead guests from one set of details to the next about the different functions almost like a treasure hunt. The sepia toned color scheme with flashes of red and the illustrative element make it a happy confluence of a classic aesthetic with a playful modern twist. It’s got celebration written all over it!


Pastel Delights
Varun and Namrata wanted different wedding invites for each of their functions. So the designers at Kankotri created a thread to run through them all – floral patterned borders and corners – and then differentiated between cards using subtle pastels that are guaranteed to delight guests.


Caricature and Family
What is a wedding without a family portrait? Perhaps that was the brief given to Ramya Ramaswamy, the brainchild behind Kards by Ramya, who meticulously put together a family caricature in the opening page of the wedding card, instantly giving it a light-hearted appeal.


Kitsch Art
Conceptualized and designed by artist Mekala Murali of Pathrika, this super wedding invite has an alter ego. Not only is it creatively designed but it also doubles up as a wedding film CD- true genius we say!


Traditional Twist
Trust designer Neha Jhunjhunwala of Studio 13, to transform your ideas into a creative accomplishment. Here, she has upgraded the traditional card design and color scheme of burnt sienna, cream and peach, added regal motifs in gold and created a striking invitation!


Made to ‘order’
Is it a wedding invite or a gourmet menu card? Artist Aparna Shaw Mehta of Artistic Cloud took Ankita and Abhiroop’s wedding invitation to the next level of cool, by crafting it with a restaurant menu template. The design is clean, friendly and easily makes it to our list of favorites!


Artsy Best
This is the sort of wedding invitation your guests will treasure long after the wedding is over. Kimya Gandhi takes mythological sketches and motifs, rendered them as traditional, Indian folk art and adds an element of surprise with the minimalist color palette of black with piques of gold. Subtle and yet arresting!


Vintage Romance
Natalie Mankani’s creations celebrate romance through vintage-inspired design patterns. With a cream backdrop, subtle gold embossing and delicate florals, her English country-garden inspired wedding invites for Zara and Dhruv celebrates eternal love in the dreamiest way!


Pint-full of happiness
Sakhi Shah’s bar-themed menu wedding invite pleasantly surprised us not only for its unique idea but also its quirky design. The deep blue color palette is constant and there’s a witty play of words, taking quirky to the next level of cool.


Colorful Capers
Saffron, marigold, green – Itchha Talreja’s not shy of using color and instantly evoking an Indian aesthetic but with a light, modern touch. Using basic, easily recognizable motifs with hint of humor, clean lines and minimalistic structure, these cards could double up as a kitschy wall hanging.


Quirky cool
Designers Sandy and Kapil Khurana wanted to create a narrative for Hazel Keech and Yuvraj Singh’s wedding invite. They created a set of hilarious caricatures to just tell the story in the easiest, most lighthearted manner. The result, as we all know, was truly amazing.


Comic Strip Inspired
Trust Thumbspark Creative to put your childhood dreams into reality by designing a special, comic strip-inspired wedding invite! Swati and Krishna’s wedding invite is a wonderful mix of pop culture design interspersed with comic book humor, with even a handy map specifically crafted to introduce their guests to their love story!


Watercolor Art
Priyanka and Vicky’s wedding card incorporates Indian folk art with saturated colors to take the traditional wedding card up to a whole new level. Meena Agencies from Mumbai brought their idea to life and this card could easily be framed and put up on a wall.


If you’d like to share your own unique wedding invite or a card you designed email us at weddingsutra@gmail.com. In the meanwhile, check out our collection of “Unique and Inspiring Wedding Stationery” designers here

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