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15 Times When Kids at Weddings Stole Our Hearts

Precious things come in little packages and whether they’re busting a move at the sangeet or leading the bride down the aisle, the only time anyone’s happy to be a little upstaged by #cutenessoverload is when there’s a little human doing just that.

When they’re in their element, kids have the superpower to bring a candid, fresh, innocent magic to every event. With their unbridled enthusiasm and complete lack of façade, they’ll bring joy to even the stuffiest event and are sure to keep your guests delighted.

We picked some of our favorite moments when the kiddie contingent stole the show!

1. Paparazzi Protection
It’s overwhelming when you’re knee high AND the centre of attention. But luckily this little guy in his traditional clothes and trendy footwear has a protective circle of ladies on his team in this tender, gorgeous moment.

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Ankit singh

2. The Mini-me moment
Let’s face it, you remember being a little girl dreaming about your wedding day! So what would be more thrilling than twinning with your baby-bestie (and maybe saving that picture for the day she’s old enough to be bride)!

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Shades Photography

3. Pouting Princesses
If you think you were on top of this game, you may want to reconsider after looking at these cutie-poutooties!

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Rahul de Cunha

4. Just Kidding
Boy 1: “He doesn’t know it, but marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other the husband.”
Boy 2: *guffaws*

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: WhatKnot

5. Two-Cute
Having trouble with a natural smile in front of your professional photographer? You need a partner in crime – preferably someone tiny and with attitude! Learn from the little ones!

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: CoolBluez Photography

6. Posing With The Kid Crew
Here is a group photo that raises the bar quite high in the adorable department. Those serious faces look like they mean business – wedding business.

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Shades Photography

7. Keeping It Classy
If there is ever a moment when you feel like you need advice on posing like a model, we’re positive that this young man will be happy to share a few tips.

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Rock Paper Scissors

8. Rockstar Spotting
Inviting musicians to your sangeet can certainly help you up the glam quotient of the event. What will make it absolutely matchless, however, is pushing one of your tiniest friends on stage. We’ve heard The Alphabet Song and Twinkle Twinkle are on top of the sangeet charts. It’s true!

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: WhatKnot

9. Bride’s Favourite
A flower-girl as bedecked as the bride and you will have twice the radiance. Save this special spot for your favorite niece, best friend’s little girl or someone who reminds you of you.

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Shades Photography

10. Babe Magnet
All the cool guys know nothing is a better accessory than a little kid hanging on to your every word or laughing at the silly things you do. This handsome gentleman just got to be centre of attention courtesy that giggling moppet in his arms.

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Parag Gopale

11. Prettier Than The Prettiest
The only time outshining the bride is a hundred percent forgivable is when you’re tiny and the most adorable thing in the world!

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Shades Photography

12. Little Women
If you thought that celebrities on the party pages of a tabloid are the only ones who know how to give the perfect party shots, you need to look at these little IT-girls in training for Page 3.

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Koro Studio

13. Ethnic Swag
Never underestimate the power of traditional attire in miniature sizes. Add some shades and some desi swag and you got yourself a scene stealer!

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Parag Gopale

14. Scattering Cuteness
Give the kids a tiny job and they’re going to take it super seriously. Flower girls strewing the aisle with petals is not just a classic photo-moment but also gives the kids a sense of real involvement in your big day.

Kids at Weddings

15. Butterfly kisses
There’s something special about the relationship between aunties and nieces and this heart-melt moment between the bride and her flowergirl is a memory made in gold.

Kids at WeddingsPhoto Courtesy: Rahul de Cunha

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