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15 ways to involve your furry friend in your wedding festivities!

They don’t call it puppy love for nothing. Whether you have a pooch to help you pop the question or a furry friend talk about saving-the-date, get the cuddliest member of your family in on the photographs in these easy, candid, heartwarming ways.

1. Walkies – down the aisle
Your puppy loves that word ‘walk’ and what’s more poignant than saying, “Let’s go for a walk” but down the aisle, to your new life with your best furry friend by your side.

Photo Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa

2. Before the Mehndi Shenanigans
All the glitz and the glamor of the mehndi ceremony is to come but first, Neena, the bride, wanted a few precious moments with her pooch before she leaves.

3. In the outdoors!
At their glamorous wedding reception in Goa, Mitali and Ali sealed it with a kiss as their puppy Pantu sat, keeping guard.

Photo Courtesy: WeddingNama

4. Pre wedding photo shoot
Puppy parents! This lovely couple went outdoors with their pooch brood to snap some gorgeous candid moments and have their puppies make some announcements.

Photo Courtesy: Priyanshu Bhargava

5. Bidaai time
You can certainly guarantee a ‘No Tears Bidaai’ when you have your gorgeous husky follow you to your ‘In Laws!’

6. Wedding Family photo
This gorgeous couple took a family photo with their beautiful golden retrievers in tow. Candid moments come naturally with a pet in the frame.

Photo Courtesy: Pixel Story

7. Mehndi function
Big, warm, furry hugs set you up in party mode before your joyous mehndi function!

Photo Courtesy: The Story Weavers

8. Before your glitzy sangeet.
Get some puppy PDA which is the perfect two-minute therapy minutes before your big sangeet! A steal-worthy idea, we say!

Photo Courtesy: House on the Clouds

9. For the Groom
Who’s the handsomest of them all? It’s a tough one between these groom and his fuzzy friend.

Photo Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa

10. For your ‘Save the date’ video
We know dogs never forget and that’s why it’s cute and funny to send a save-the-date note with your pooches in tow.

11. Just before your pheras!
Diamonds, gold, brocade, silk… but the best accessory will be a little fur from that warm, tender hug you gave your furry baby before you walked down the aisle.

12. During your lehenga fittings.
Who’s that handsome guy stealing kisses from the bride just before her wedding?

Photo Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa

13. During your post wedding photo shoot.
There’s a pup in that bouquet! Share your special bond in a gorgeous post wedding photo shoot just like Lin and Tom and a furry surprise!

Photo Courtesy: Parag Gopale

14. As a formal invitation to your colleagues
Man’s best friend – and his bride’s too. This lovely couple got their big canine in on the save-the-date wedding broadcast.

Photo Courtesy: Love in Frames

15. For that ultimate proposal
Sweep her off her feet, just like Ayush did, by inviting Aparna’s favorite furry to woo her. It will definitely guarantee a ‘YES’, we promise!

Photo Courtesy: the Story Teller

If you would like to share some ‘pawsome’ photos of your pup in any of your wedding functions, kindly email us to editor@weddingsutra.com

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