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2019 Wedding Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

2018 was the year of the big, fat, Indian wedding. Bollywood royalty, sports stars, richie-rich industrialists all seem to want to outdo each other with grand and grandiose celebrations that ranged from opulent to plain OTT.

But with 2019 just a few heartbeats away, we are sensing a few upgrades and some evolutions.
Let’s take a look at what’s coming our way.

Make the Wedding Bright with Neon Light
That chemistry needs electricity and neon lights are what all the cool couples will be lighting their lives up with. Vibrant, glow signs will appear at weddings in the form of directional signs, welcome signage and photo booth backdrops. Bonus? Not only are neon signs fun and functional, they’re also a quirky, kitschy home-décor piece for after the wedding.

2019 Wedding Trends

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Wedding Tales

Living Coral for a Lively Wedding
With ‘Living Coral’ announced as the Pantone color of 2019, wedding decor this year will be tinted in young and fresh palettes of this playful hue. There are so many different directions one can take with this color – combine it with sea foam or aqua hues, pair with blush pinks and champagne or use it against ivory and beige. Adding Living Coral to table displays, flower arrangements, or even the groom’s tie will bring warmth and brightness to the occasion.

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Picture Perfect India

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Shades Photography

Live Band and a DJ to Set the Floor on Fire
If your wedding party loves to groove, don’t pick between a DJ and a Live Band. Get both and set the floor on fire! Couples are enjoying treating their guests to a live band performing high-energy tracks. And after that, a DJ will spin your favorite songs on request, so hire both and get them to collaborate for some unique entertainment.

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Confetti Films

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Akshay Raikar Photography for ANS Entertainment

The Food Graze-Craze
Straight from the trend of clean eating and conscious consumption – the big food trend this year will be grazing tables. A feast for the eyes as well as the palate, nothing compares in terms of the freedom to play with an array of textures, flavors and cuisines. Forget fuddy-duddy old buffet style plates piled high with staples. If there’s one thing that gets guests mingling, it’s a table groaning with delicious antipasti, charcuterie, cheese and dips!

2019 Wedding Trends
2019 Wedding Trends

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Smoke Without Fire
Boom! Smoke bombs aren’t going anywhere in 2019. In fact, they are more popular than ever! At Indian weddings, you can never have enough colors to deck up the venue. Expect clouds of color painting the wedding scene pretty while bringing in a kind of appeal that is both dramatic and romantic at the same time.

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: WeddingNama

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: House on the Clouds

Install Art for Wedding Décor that wins Hearts
It’s a trend that’s been in the making as décor gets more original and creative. Instant wows are guaranteed when weddings incorporate actual art and installations into the set up. Whether it’s an aisle runner inscribed with poetry masquerading as vows, wall murals ‘painted’ in flowers and light or a sculpture rendered in mesh for an ethereal effect, art in all its avatars is coming to a wedding near you.

2019 Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Wedding Style

Marry While The Sun Shines
Millennials will tell you that brunch isn’t a meal, it is a lifestyle. And with the majority in love with this way of living, this trend should not come as a surprise. We present to you the brunch wedding! Daytime celebrations can be just as festive as those hosted after sunset and what makes this deal even better is the gorgeousness that natural light brings to the photographs!

Photo Courtesy: Curly Tales

Wedding Venue That Defines You
As we move into the new year, locations for exchanging vows are going to get a lot more exciting. The usual – hotels, lawns and banquets – will be replaced with wineries, cruises, historic landmarks and more – and with good reason. When the occasion is such a momentous one, why should the venue be any less remarkable!

2019 Wedding Trends
2019 Wedding Trends

Photos Courtesy: Israni Photograohy, Regan Raj

Cake That’s Not A Cakewalk
A wedding cake isn’t just another dessert. It is the focal point of the reception and couples in 2019 will ensure that when their guests rest their gaze on this confection, they won’t be able to tear their eyes away. Expect distinctive shapes, striking designs and unique colors. We’re talking about masterpieces so breath-taking Marie Antoinette would rethink the ‘let them eat cake’ diktat immediately.

2019 Wedding Trends
2019 Wedding Trends

Photos Courtesy: Good housekeeping, Inspiredluv

Wedding Invites that Invite Creativity
Illustrated wedding invitations are getting more and more personal this year. Prepare to receive wedding cards with paintings of the couple, the locations where they are getting married at and maybe even a custom portrait of their pet who will be the ring-bearer at their ring ceremony! The idea will be to synergize the wedding aesthetic with the invitations so that not only do they leave an impact but also give the guests a glimpse into the upcoming celebrations.

2019 Wedding Trends Photo Courtesy: Radha Ramachandran Illustrator

Eco-Friendly Weddings To Nurture Nature
A wedding in alignment with nature and its wellbeing is the need of the hour and with everyone beginning to understand its importance, weddings that follow eco-friendly practices will be more numerous. Digital invitations, decor using local flowers, menus designed using seasonal produce – these are only a few ways in which nuptials are going to earn good Earth mama karma literally.

2019 Wedding Trends Photo Courtesy: Ivy Weddings

Smells like Wedding Spirit
Smell is a sense that shares a close association with memory and to make their wedding an unforgettable experience, couples will be making their way to perfumers to create a signature scent at their celebration. The scents will manifest as perfumed invites that guests will receive, the fragrance diffused in the air at the venue during the events and scented candles as wedding favors. It’s the perfect way to mark the memory indelibly and it just ‘makes scents’!

2019 Wedding Trends Photo Courtesy: Inside Weddings

The Big Switch in Wedding Traditions
As the world evolves, wedding traditions evolve too. Cross-cultural practices are making their way into Indian weddings – like bridesmaids and groomsmen – and there’s a whole gender neutral angle to this as well. Enter the Bride’s Men and the Groom’s Women! If the groom’s best friend is his sister, nothing should stop him from letting her be the ‘best woman’. And, if the bride’s best friend is a guy, she should be able to have a ‘Man of Honor’. In the end, it is about having those who the couple loves the most being close to them on their big day.

2019 Wedding Trends

2019 Wedding Trends

Wedding Dress to Impress
Every year sees more experimentation in the bridal trousseau and 2019 is already looking exciting. Steering clear of template bridal lehengas, say goodbye to cookie-cutter designs and look out for aesthetics that include elements unique and important to the bride – sexy silhouettes, heritage embroidery, new age dupattas, edgy fabric, you name it, they’ll wear it.

2019 Wedding Trends
2019 Wedding Trends

Photos Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik (left)

Escape to Exotic Honeymoons
So you can’t actually witness this at the wedding but it’s worth mentioning. Honeymoons are getting out of this world. Couples are eschewing the same old locations and heading to truly exotic spaces – the ice scapes of Finland, the little known paths of South America like Chile and Peru and even the unexplored bits of Ireland! Buy a map. You may need it.

2019 Wedding Trends Photo Courtesy: KimKim

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