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5 Best Keepsake Wedding Favors

You’ve finally taken off your dancing shoes, you’re beginning to kiss your family and friends goodbye, the party lights are getting dim. After the last song has faded, it’s time for everyone to go home with the sweetest memories. But hold on – you can always send your loved ones back home with snatches of the revelry in the form of wedding favors that double up as a keepsake.

Here are five ideas that will keep the good times going….

1. The Cup That Cheers
Tea, in India, is not just a beverage, it is an expression of hospitality, an excuse for togetherness and an occasion to relax. Taj Mahal Tea House Curates gift boxes not only include a palate-pleasing range of tea, but also gorgeous teaware that doubles up as a beautiful souvenir.
Pick a design that matches your style and help your guests create an exceptional tea experience. We assure you, on a fine evening as they sit back to relax, the label’s exquisite bone china accessories and exotic blends will serve as the perfect reminder of all the fun they had at your wedding.

Shop for exotic blends and gifting solutions here.

Wedding Favors

2. Scents And Sensibility
Fragrances have the power to alter moods and evoke memories. Why not, present your loved ones a scent that will not only put them in a happy place but also trigger their fondest thoughts of you each time they send a spritz into the air. All Good Scents offers treasured fragrances that span diverse perfume families; Fresh Citrus, Feminine Floral, Aromatic Fougere, Bold Chypre or more. The extensive variety ensures you get to pick a scent that truly resonates with you. That beautiful packaging the perfume comes in, is just a bonus.

Wedding Favors

3. The Stuff of Life
Water is one of the building blocks of life and as you run around at the wedding, you’ll know its one of the building blocks of beauty too. Having trouble staying hydrated? Well, you’re not alone. Show your guests some love by gifting them a water bottle by Glass Act. Their bottles are made of glass, which means that they are not only safer than their metal and plastic counterparts when it comes to your guests’ health, but also eco-friendly. Moreover, their stylish design means you’re more likely to look at them and remember to drink up!

Wedding Favors

4. Nature To Nurture
Plants make for great gifts. They have a unique aesthetic appeal and health benefits too and they’re symbolic of a relationship that needs love and care to bloom. Except – succulents. Succulents are usually quite unusual to look at, have incredible flowers and other features and are so easy to care for because they don’t need much water. They’re also very fulfilling to watch grow. Fill an attractive planter with a few varieties and feel free to gift it to even those who have less than a green thumb!

Wedding Favors

5. Light Up The Night
The dance of candle flames evokes everything from prayer to festivity to romance. Illuminating rooms and hearts alike, a candle makes moments a little more special. But candles run out – so what you should gift your guest is a candle stand. Every time they place it on their center table on special occasions they’ll remember the love and light at your own wedding and isn’t that the perfect way to forever be a part of your loved ones’ treasured times?

Wedding Favors

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