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5 Incredible Epicurean Gifts That Your Guests Will Delight In

Delectable edible treats for the discerning.

All Indian celebrations revolve around food – festivities are expressed through cultural specialities, personalities through generous portions, time of year through seasonal delicacies.

So we know the way to the heart is through the stomach – but if you manage to excite the eye, illuminate the palate and ease the mind too, you’re already a master of the gourmet gift.

If you’re wondering though how to present your own personality and show someone how highly you think of them at your wedding festivities, these 5 brands come highly recommended.

1. Tea Hampers by Taj Mahal Tea House
Fine tea is not just a gift of exquisite taste but also of togetherness. It is traditional and modern, a ceremony that can be both casual and formal, an opportunity to forge bonds or build memories.

Taj Mahal Tea House offers a wide collection of tea hampers that open up to deliver fine flavor via exclusive blends and unique whole leaf teas. For those who want to go a step ahead, the brand even offers tea hampers that come with elegantly handcrafted tea-ware. With Taj Mahal Tea House you can present gifts that are unique in their appeal and match the joyous, affectionate mood of the occasion.
Shop their hampers here.

Taj Mahal Tea House
Taj Mahal Tea House

2. Food Hampers by Nature’s Basket
You know your guests best and so you’ll know exactly how to curate a food hamper overflowing with palate pleasing treats. Nature’s Basket offers 25 pre-made hampers to choose from but they also allow patrons to mix and match products for a very personal touch. Moreover, the brand offers a wide assortment of goodies for all kinds of budgets making finding the most fitting present a little easier and amplifying the joy of gifting with the ease of convenience!

Nature’s Basket
Nature’s Basket

3. Royalty Worthy Gifts by Malaki
Products by Malaki spell luxury and are curated by a dedicated team of experts bringing you only the finest offerings all over the world. From the many exquisite offerings the label provides, ‘The Royal Hamper’ is sure to impress even your most discerning guests. The box presents to the receiver three products – a rich dry fruit-based confection, a jar of lavender and rose gourmet tea and a beautifully crafted candle. A feast for all the senses, this hamper will leave a lasting impression.


4. Candies by Papabubble
This one’s for your inner child. Papabubble’s signature candy rings, candy flowers, sushi candy and the most incredible variety of lollipops are created in their artisanal workshop and explore innovative flavors and textures. What’s more, they can also be customized to match the theme of the wedding. Be it the wedding logo, initials of the couple or the date of the big day, the team of experts is skilled turning your ideas into the sweetest things.


5. Chocolates by Fantasie
Food of the gods, chocolates are everybody’s favorite. If you want to surprise your guests but also play it safe, Fantasie Chocolates are your best bet. Be it creamy milk, rich roasted almond rock, soft-centered pralines or European style truffles, their sweet treats have been winning hearts for the last 70 years! The eclectic mix of offerings is handcrafted and beautifully packaged. Want to do something special for your little guests? Fantasie Chocolates even designs chocolate jigsaws, lollipops and toys!


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