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5 Must-have Festive Jewellery Pieces by Reliance Jewels

The festive season is here and so is the quest for the latest in jewellery trends. Celebrations in India are about joy and splendor and everyone naturally wants to put their best foot forward when it comes to accessorizing for the occasion. Therefore, we bring to you some exquisite baubles from Reliance Jewels’ newest collection titled Aarohi which are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

The range amalgamates baroque art which stands for the rich lifestyle post renaissance and mandala, which is a circle that signifies infinity or wholeness of mind and soul. Imagined as a marriage of these styles, the line conceptualizes the ornaments in a manner that makes it almost impossible to tell the two apart. Each one of the pieces are crafted keeping in mind the concept of matrimony and the bond that is just as beautiful as these designs.

Delicate Dazzle
The are few things that match up to the sophistication that the pairing of white gold and diamonds offers. Crafted using these elements, this double chain necklace unites nature-inspired patterns with modern motifs to create a piece that is absolutely eternal. While the row of flowers exudes a romantic charm, the geometric patterns add a contemporary twist, ensuring that this necklace can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

gold and diamond double chain necklace by Reliance Jewels

Timeless Traditional
Classic gold jewellery adds to the beauty of an Indian ensemble unlike any other. This choker by Reliance Jewels with its intricate detailing and fine relief work makes for a true showstopper. While the lace-like panel makes for an eye-catching detail, the blooming lotuses inside the little windows that run along the length of the piece is what extend a remarkable uniqueness to this piece.

Traditional gold choker by Reliance Jewels

Regal Tales
A true blue Indian statement piece, the raani haar is sure to make just about any getup look as though it is fit for a royal soiree. This necklace by Reliance Jewels in all its stately appeal is ideal for an occasion where you want to leave a mark. The charming ghungroo details in the chandelier pendant and earrings make for an interesting feature of this set and the ruby accents elevate the look further.

Raani haar with ghungroo details by Reliance Jewels

Old World Charm-er
There are some pieces which encapsulate a kind of charm that is sure to not fade through the generations. With its captivating design, antiqued finish and dainty kundan embellishments, this necklace by Reliance Jewels has just what it takes to make this an heirloom piece.

Kundan necklace by Reliance Jewels

History’s one of the most powerful women, Cleopatra, was an avid collector of emeralds and if this gem was good enough for the Egyptian queen, it clearly is good enough for us! This necklace by Reliance Jewels brings along with it a little bit of history and a lot of beauty through its design that use this precious stone. With two rows of floral patterns connect with rows of diamonds of the morning dew, this piece is crafted to amaze.

Emeralds necklace by Reliance Jewels

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