5 Stellar Looks by Lakmé Salon For This Wedding Season!

Looking unique from top to toe is a challenge for any bride. However, with the right team behind her, it becomes an experience which transforms her into the showstopper she needs to be on her big day. But how does a bride pick the right looks for each ensemble and the different functions? What colors are trending these days? What will make her features stand out the most? And how does one pull together a perfectly coordinated look that is sensational for her big day and all those high-resolution images?

WeddingSutra has always had a pulse on what brides are looking for. That’s why we partnered with Lakmé Salons to bring you five gorgeous looks that are inspired by the beauty and grandeur of ancient Indian dynasties yet incorporate exquisite touches to appeal to new age brides. Lakmé Salons, one of the leading salon chains in India, have highly experienced beauty experts and stylists at their outlets who offer a range of diverse bridal beauty services that include everything from standout hairdos to award-worthy nail art.

Get inspired by the coordinated aesthetics and charming details of each of these looks we present below. From ombre lips for the free-spirited bride to smokey eyes for the elegance-seeking stylist, it’s all here as the models, clad in Payal Singhal Design Studio ensembles, flaunt flawless, distinctive bridal visages. Check them out below:

Princess of Pop
Inspired by the ancient Satavahana Dynasty of ancient Andhra Pradesh, this look draws inspiration from the pearl trade that the state is known for. It’s all about a rosy glow on the dewy cheeks, lips, and eyes. Youthful and fresh, this look radiates an ethereal aura and coordinated sheen, from the tiny pearls fixed on the nails to those studded in the hair.

Platinum Band
Platinum Band

Vivacious Mallika
An ode to the Shunga period and their creative ways, this look is ideal for free-spirited brides who love all things artistic. The contrast between the blue graphic glitter liner on the water line of the model’s eyes contrasts gorgeously with the peach lips that flaunt a subtle golden highlight. Even the hairdo is an ode to stylish creativity as it fuses loose tresses along with elegant loops of locks.

Platinum Band
Platinum Band

Majestic Sultana
The Mughal era has left an indelible influence on many aspects of Indian art, design, and architecture. This glamorous look embodies some of that grandeur with its majestic, swirling hairstyle, dramatic red ombre lips and beautiful smoky eyes. It is perfect for the modern bride who wants to reprise a structured look that is magical and majestic from the head to the nails.

Platinum Band
Platinum Band

New Age Apsara
It is all about sensational swirls and contrasts with this look that is inspired by the spiral motifs of the Harappan civilization. The deep blue and gold palette carries through from the aqua lined eyes to the nails. The hairdo is a stylish masterpiece with its long triple braids interlocked to create a loose loop at the back.

Platinum Band
Platinum Band

Maharani of Magic
The ornate styles of the ancient Gupta period which featured motifs from nature have been adapted here. New age brides will love the blend of elegance and drama in this look which features purple smoky halo eyes and pink ombre lips, a hairstyle that includes a beehive with knotted side buns and gorgeous greyish-purple with gold artwork on the nails.

Platinum Band
Platinum Band

And brides-to-be, don’t miss watching the wedding anthem of the year titled ‘Ready for my Vyaah.’ – a collaboration between Lakmé Salons and youth icon Raftaar. The catchy music video shows singer Akriti Kakar along with a few real brides, who were selected through a contest by Lakmé Salon, Needless to say in the video, the contestant’s bridal makeovers were stunning.

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