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5 Stunning Pieces from 7th Avenue Jewellery for your destination wedding!

You’ve got your trousseau ready. The venue is waiting. Your themes are in place. But, does your jewellery fit in with it all?

Having your ornaments resonate with your attire, your location and your celebration is the sort of detailing that elevates a vibe from sophisticated to the sublime. You’ll be attracting compliments and admiration for your sense of style.

So where do you start?

7th Avenue Jewellery, a premium fashion jewellery line, brings you some stunning pieces to begin your process with. Crafted with semiprecious material in a palette of vibrant colors, 7th Avenue Jewellery is not just perfect for the wedding but also handy when you travel.

Take a look at 5 gorgeous pieces from their collection that are unique but also have a versatility that will match different themes at your dream destination wedding!

1. Tropical Beach Escape
Tying the knot on the beach? This gold finish necklace with earrings set in simulated kundan and pearls, set in alloy, are an ideal match for a fuss-free lehenga. With the island breeze in your hair and sun on your face, this set will shine bright and make heads turn on your big day!

Tropical Beach Escape
Buy the Kundan Emeralds and Pearls Bridal Necklace Set here.

2. Enchanting Forest Nuptials

If you’ve been lost in a mythical forest reverie then the aura of mystique emanating from this Victorian finish necklace set with earrings studded in simulated polki is just for you. Pair it with a dazzling lehenga for a cocktail night where you are the glowing forest nymph.

Enchanting Forest Nuptials
Buy the Victorian Polki Set here.

3. Elegant Ballroom Wedding

Be the belle of the ballroom at your luxury wedding in this gold finish necklace with white sapphire strings and white pearls. It comes with a pair of rhodium and gold finish earrings featuring white sapphires and white pearls to match your sparkly outfit at a starry reception night.

Elegant Ballroom Wedding
Buy the Rhodium and Gold Finish White Sapphire And Pearl String Necklace Set here.

4. Cruise Wedding Romance

Sailing into the sunset with your significant other? The world is your oyster is you’re getting married on a lavish cruise liner. Wear this Victorian finish necklace set with the earrings studded in ruby and tanzanite cabochon stones with a quintessential crimson lehenga. No sunset will be able to steal your thunder.

Cruise Wedding Romance
Buy the Ruby and Tanzanite Statement Set here.

5. Scenic Mountain Wedding

What could be dreamier than a wedding with scenic mountains standing sentinel? Start your happily ever after by pairing this gold finish Navratna Kundal necklace set with a bright yellow lehenga that will add a colorful charm to your superlative mountain celebration.

Scenic Mountain Wedding
Buy the Navratana Kundan Necklace Set here.

Shop More from the Bridal collection here.

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