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5 Wedding Professionals Share Time Management Tips

When it comes to weddings, timing is everything. You can’t miss out on a deadline as there are no retakes of the D-day. We talked to 5 wedding professionals who share their tips on how they manage their time and their personal strategies for timely deliveries.

Tanveer and Inderjit, Founders, Colorblind Production (New Delhi)

Tanveer Inder ColorBlind

Colorblind Production is a renowned New Delhi based production house that makes top-notch wedding films.

“Making wedding films has been a busy but fun ride. We do everything in-house (shooting, editing etc.) where we always try to understand and back each other. We take ample time (8-12 weeks as mentioned in the contract) from our clients so that they get the best quality. It includes our buffer time so there is no rush and the creative outcome is as per the client’s satisfaction. We always expect our clients to be involved in the film making cycle. We ask them about their song selections or any particular treatment they might be looking at so there aren’t any synching issues between the expectations and deliverables. This in turn saves a lot of time in terms of re-edits.”

Rachana Lucknowala, Founder, Vivaah Wedding Décor (Mumbai)

Rachana L2

Vivaah is a wedding décor and design company specializing in theme events and set-ups for large scale events at indoor spaces like city hotels, and large outdoor venues.

 “If one is considering a career in the wedding industry—one needs a very supportive family. Because our busiest days are often the holidays, we have a lot of client meetings over the weekend, and many auspicious days are on Bank Holidays—which means we can’t be with the rest of our family on the days when they are home. Also, there are two things I advise all professionals, those who work with me, and those thinking of a career in the wedding industry- a) you need to be extremely fit, and take care of your diet. If one is in-charge of some set-up, he/she can’t even think of taking leave on a wedding celebration day. b) Planning in advance is of paramount importance but this is an industry where clients demand a lot of changes, and one has to be extremely knowledgeable about their job (in my case décor and set-ups) to immediately inform the client what changes are possible, and what cannot be changed (keeping clients budgets and the venue timelines in mind). After all, every client wants an immediate response, and here we may not always have time to return to office and consult the seniors or the team and revert.”

Aditya Mendiratta, Candid Photographer (New Delhi)

Aditya M3

Aditya Mendiratta is a New Delhi based photographer who does fashion and wedding photography.

“At weddings, where I shoot with 1+ photographer(s), I make sure our cameras are synched to the exact date and time so that the pictures can be put in correct order without spending endless hours on it. I try and reject the bad shots during the breaks in the shoot to save time. When it comes to editing, I follow batch editing for the shots taken in the same area with the same light. Till now, I have never crossed my promised delivery time.”

Priyanka Singhal, Designer and founder, Trims and Tassles (Meerut)

IMG_3603 (2) - Copy

Trims and Tassles is an online fashion store, which specializes in anarkalis and pre-wedding dresses. They are based in Meerut and their clientele include brides-to-be and those looking for ethnic wear for weddings & celebrations.

“On-time delivery has always been a primary concern for us as it is the foundation of trust. To address that, I do a lot of pre-planning and estimate the delivery time of every order. I also maintain a ‘To-Do’ list on daily basis that not only puts the tasks in perspective but also eliminates the worry of missing out on anything. Delegating the right task to the right person is also a key factor in getting things done on time. I manage my invoices, accounts, and set reminders on my phone, which saves a lot of time and keeps me updated. The clients also usuallyhelp in the process with gentle reminders and staying patient when required, and add value by being specific about their requirements.”

Keyur Patel, Founder, Prasang Events and Entertainment (Ahmedabad)

Keyur Patel

Prasang Events and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is an event management company known for managing the most spectacular weddings. They have managed the grandest weddings in their base town (Ahmedabad), all over Gujarat and destination weddings in Rajasthan, Goa and abroad.

“We use technology heavily and that saves us a lot of time in coordinating and sharing details with clients and vendors, easily and quickly. We use a software for maintaining meeting logs so every meeting held with the client is logged in with specific pointers so that the people assigned to handle the job are aware at all times about the new brief or change in requirements. This has reduced our paper work and face-to-face meetings are fewer.The pictures from the venue are shared through different messaging platforms so that I can have a look at the proceedings even when I am traveling or busy in office.  We also use a hospitality software where clients can put down every requirement, right from the number of inserts in the card to how many rooms to book. They can also put in every guest’s details with respect to what gift to give, what room to allot so the calculation-recalculation hassle is eliminated and there is no room for error. Most people would think ‘wedding planning’ is an art, but for us most of it is a highly streamlined process with a lot of help from technology.”

Interviews by Jaspreet Soni

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