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8 Reasons Wedding Photographers are Switching to Canon EOS R6

Being a wedding photographer requires skill, talent, and a fair share of patience. However, the list doesn’t end there. The tools of your trade are paramount in getting the best results, and the right equipment is a game-changer.

If you’re a wedding photographer who is not shooting from the sidelines but from the midst of all the action, a camera that facilitates your style (instead of the other way around) is key.

Leading industry professionals are choosing the Canon R5 for fashion photography with its ample storage space and high processing speed along with the Canon EOS R6 which is equally popular among wedding photographers for its top notch features and incredible low light performance, and this shift indicates an acknowledgment of the camera’s great features.

Canon R6

Here are eight reasons why the mirrorless Canon EOS R6 has become an essential in a professional wedding photographer’s toolkit –

4K Details like 24K Gold
A crisp wedding video that encompasses all vivid details is truly precious and the EOS R6 offers just that. It takes full advantage of the advanced recording uncropped 4K UHD at 60p and Full HD at 120p to capture high-resolution movies without a crop factor that gives you a full field of view and allows you to crop in on your footage without compromising video quality. The results are startling beauty in every minute.

Canon R6

Hocus-Pocus Focus
The highly charged performances at the sangeet, the spirited antics of the baraatis, the bride twirling – these are moments that are as precious as they are fleeting. You cannot afford to miss capturing them. Thankfully the Canon EOS R6 also boasts of the same ‘Canon Deep Learning AF’ algorithm that enables the camera to recognize and track the eyes, faces, and heads of each person. Additionally, the EOS R6 also comes with a joystick which is a welcome addition that eases navigation, thus helping you focus solely on your subject.

Set the Mood with Gamma Curves
Weddings are full of vibrant hues and who doesn’t want to capture them in all their glory? With the ‘Canon Log’ included in EOS R6, which is one of the gamma curves used for movie shooting, one gets a rich variation of the shadows and highlights information while offering you complete liberty in grading to produce stunning frames.

Ready, Steady, and Go!
Tripods are a guaranteed way of getting sharp images, but for a wedding photographer, using one isn’t always an option. However, in situations like these, you needn’t worry. With the Canon EOS R6 in your hands, you’ll realize its ‘5 axis in-body Image Stabilization System’ which offers a CIPA-rated maximum 8 stops of stability are remarkable, and it will allow you to use the best, non-stabilized lenses.

Canon R6

Blink and You Won’t Miss It!
Spontaneous actions, though most endearing, are tricky to capture. Canon’s EOS R6 is capable of capturing 240 RAWs in a burst, 20 frames per second if shooting electronically or 12 frames per second using the mechanical shutter which means there is no way you will miss that stolen kiss, the affectionate glances during the phere or the perfect garlanding moment in the air.

Outstanding Performance even in Low Light
Did we mention the Canon EOS R6 has an amazing ISO range of 100-102,400 (expandable up to 50-204,800), and the autofocus can be set even in low light conditions down to -6.5EV? With such great light sensitivity, pictures, and videos from sundowner events or from intimate weddings where the light isn’t always ideal look no less rich and intense as those that were clicked during the day.

Canon R6

Enough Pixels for the Pros
What if we told you that you could take pictures with extreme detail and sharpness than possibly any other camera? The Canon EOS R6 reproduces the finest details in final output aided by the In-camera Digital Lens Optimer (DLO) to counter aberrations due to lens design limitations, and achieves realism effortlessly with a 20.1MP output offering better detail and more color accuracy and is very useful for the still-life venue or décor shots at the wedding.

Canon R6

Performance without Expense
Good cameras are an essential tool for a wedding photographer and it’s no secret that they are expensive. However, with Canon EOS R6 you can now take the perfect shot without denting your wallet. With top-notch features that can hold its own against any other high-end camera, it’s worth every hard-earned rupee spent.

Here’s what award-winning WeddingSutra Favorite Photographers have to say:

“The Canon EOS R6 is a phenomenal camera offering the best of both worlds to photographers and filmmakers at its competitive price point. It’s stunning low light performance and fast continuous shooting makes the EOS R6 appealing to a wide range of photographers.” – Siddharth Sharma, House On The Clouds

“The Canon EOS R6 allows us to have complete flexibility with its image stabilization that allows a smooth handheld shooting experience. Its advanced autofocus tracking ensures that not a moment is missed and its ability to record higher resolution video in various formats makes it a perfect pick for weddings. Furthermore, we also love the electronic viewfinder and the lighter body which saves us from sore shoulders.” – Sam & Ekta

“The Canon EOS R6 is an amazing camera that has pushed the boundaries with its stunning ISO range which is extremely helpful in low light conditions. Additionally, it also comes with a focus that is fast and precise with eye, face, and head detection. And, knocks it out of the park in a low light environment which, in turn, makes it a must have for a wedding photographer.” – Ashwin and Jhalak, Shades Photography


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