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A 1940’s Love Story

The couple, both IT professionals from Delhi, had their wedding this October. This was an impulsive, spur of the moment shoot for them and they were open to all ideas. Here, photographers Kritika Kishore and Shambavi K who conceptualized the shoot, talk about the experience.

“When we met Tanvi and Deepak we instantly knew that their pre-wedding shoot had to include their love for travelling. We put our minds to developing the concept of a visual time capsule from the 1940’s. For us, things had to be simple, fun and romantic, featuring the love between “just the two of them” and capturing the little tremors of excitement and expectation going through their minds.

KKP 17

We came up with the idea of a story line – a recently engaged couple sharing bittersweet moments before departing, only to meet on their wedding day. It was at this time that we decided to incorporate an Indian aesthetic because after all, Tanvi and Deepak have had an arranged marriage.

We guided the couple through their outfits, accessories and styling. With make-up artist – Ishita Sood on board, we pulled out all stops to authenticate the vintage look. We were ecstatic to see that Tanvi and Deepak had paid attention to our suggestions and looked absolutely stunning on the day of the shoot. For the venue, we chose a fairly less crowded railway station in Delhi – Lodhi Colony.

What follows are photographs that do all the talking – their “abhi na jao chor kar, ke dil abhi bhara nahi” moments working up to a beautiful crescendo when parting seems unbearable.”



KKP 11


Ideation and Conceptualization: Kritika Kishore Photography & Shambhavi K Photography
Make-up : Ishita Sood

Photographs by: Kritika Kishore Photography
FB: www.facebook.com/kritikakishorephotography
Canvera Profile: http://photographers.canvera.com/north/ncr/new-delhi/kritika-kishore-photography

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