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A beautiful garden shoot amidst blooming flowers set just the right tone for this vibrant love story

Simi and Alberto’s pre-wedding photoshoot captured their blossoming love amidst colorful flowers. The two posed effortlessly against a backdrop of flowers beds and quaint buildings while WeddingSutra Favorite – Knotting Bells, captured their chemistry in wonderfully-emotive shots. Here, the bride-to-be shares her love story and her experience of working with the photography team.

Alberto and Simirai

How They Met
“After completing my B.A. at King’s College in London, I decided to move to Madrid, Spain, for a taste of the Mediterranean life. On one bitterly-cold day in December, a friend and I planned a spontaneous weekend trip to Barcelona. That’s where I met Alberto for the first time. It was an interesting first meeting, as my understanding of Castellano was limited and his English was very basic. Fortunately, we had the help of Google translate.
“Alberto is a man of few words but, as Charles Martin said, ‘Love has its own communication’. I instantly fell in love with his culture, his family and his heart. When I first told my parents about us, they were skeptical. However, they soon forgot about the cultural differences and began sharing in my fondness for Alberto. Like every mother and father, they just wanted me to be happy!”

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
“I came across Rajesh from Knotting Bells one evening and simply fell in love with his photography. He is a true artist with an amazing vision. We wanted to shoot in London, away from the tourist hotspots. We chose our favorite locations – Regent’s Park and Marylebone.

Alberto and Simirai
Alberto and Simirai
Alberto and Simirai
Alberto and Simirai

“Rajesh wanted to capture the contrast between the city and country life, which is why we went for two looks: urban and green. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful (quite uncommon for April) and this really brought out the colors in the photographs. And this is one of the reasons that I love Knotting Bells: the vibrancy in their pictures.

As far as outfits go, we went for a casual look. We are avid Zara fans – Alberto wore a navy-blue jacket while I chose a bright orange dress from the brand. The mix of colors made for an attractive contrast. In retrospect, I wish I had an outfit change to show a bit more variation in the photographs, but Alberto kindly lent me his jacket, which I wore in what ended up being my favorite picture of the shoot.”

“The part of the shoot that I loved the most was in Regent’s Park, by the cherry blossom tree. The area provided us with the privacy perfect for a romantic shoot. We felt like we were alone and the whole process felt very natural.”

Alberto and Simirai
Alberto and Simirai

“Alberto is a born poser, but I am a little timid around the camera. However, Rajesh and his lovely assistant made us feel very much at ease. He knew exactly where to place us and made use of all of the areas of the park. He even laid on the ground in order to get the perfect shots, incorporating tulips in our images.”

Alberto and Simirai

“Shooting with them was so memorable – we loved the pictures and seeing them on Instagram made us proud. We are so grateful to Rajesh and his team for being a part of our wedding. We are just two normal people, but Rajesh made us feel like celebrities – that is a feeling you can’t buy.”

Photography: Knotting Bells

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