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A Day with WeddingSutra Favorites – Vaishali Shah and Jay Shah

‘A Day with WeddingSutra Favorites‘ is all about WeddingSutra bringing its wedding planning enthusiasm and expertise to excited to-be-weds. We customize a program for a selected lucky WeddingSutra reader, which includes visiting a specially curated list of fashion experts, makeup artists, wedding couturiers, and other specialists. This process that has turned out to be invaluable for couples planning their wedding.

Bride-to-be Vaishali Shah shares her memorable experiences of being a part of ‘A Day with WeddingSutra Favorites’ here.

Vaishali and Jay met in an arranged marriage setup. They share, “For us, it wasn’t just about the qualities that each other had. It also had to do with our visceral feelings gradually increasing after spending more time together. We could list qualities of each other that we adore, but they didn’t make us fall in love with each other. The totality of ‘him’ or ‘her’ is what we fell in love with.

Vaishali adds, “It’s difficult to describe how we fell in love. It was instinctive, like an effortless intake of breath. Falling in love with each other wasn’t falling at all. It was like walking into a house and suddenly knowing you are home. And the feeling grows stronger with every passing day.”

After an eventful and insightful day with WeddingSutra Favorites, Vaishali and Jay described how they found their meetings with the assorted group of WeddingSutra Favorites helpful in guiding them along the right direction to plan their big day in advance.

Stop 1: Consultation with Makeup Artist Serena Rayani
“The bridal consultation with Serena for makeup and hair was very informative. She made sure she understood my skin type and preferences when it came to the types of looks I like. She shared simple tips on how to choose products wisely for my skin type and how I should take care of my skin before the wedding. That made a huge difference in my knowledge about matters relating to skin and hair, especially for important events. Lastly, Serena also gave me tips on the hairstyle I should pick for my wedding. Before meeting her, I was really confused about what looks I should go for, but after the consultation, it is much easier for me to finalize my bridal look. Her session was truly insightful.”

Consultation with Makeup Artist Serena Rayania

Stop 2: Rachana Lucknowala of Vivaah
“Rachana understood what Jay and I wanted for the wedding when it came to the decor aspect of it. She showed us some options that we could incorporate after considering our likes and dislikes. Our main focus was on a daytime function with an open setup that would fuse the colors and elements that reflected our style. She gave us some great ideas on how to go about choosing a theme for the decor. We were impressed with the fresh new ideas Rachana had to offer which only made it easier for us to decide what we need for our big day!”

Consultation with Wedding Decorator Rachana Lucknowala of Vivaah

Stop 3: Izhaar by Core Designs
“Jay and I had a fair idea of what we wanted our wedding invites to look like, but the team at Izhaar by Core Designs showed us how we could make them more interesting and innovative. They worked on the ideation and execution effortlessly and presented us with many options and designs that we had never seen before. Each card tells the story of the bride and groom and showcases the highlights of their journey which makes it so much more interesting than a regular card you can buy off the market. Izhaar by Core Designs has an excellent sense of what a couple wants and adds their touch of expertise, so creating a wedding invite becomes a memorable experience.”

Wedding Invite Design at Izhaar by Core Designs

Stop 4: A Travel Duet
“Planning a honeymoon can be a time-consuming process. Firstly, deciding on a destination is a challenge that every couple faces. Honestly, Jay and I did not even discuss the honeymoon trip before we met the A Travel Duet team. We started talking about the honeymoon possibilities with them and got some great advice. They suggested we pick two different destinations such as Oman and Seychelles since that would allow us to enjoy the best of both locations. Both countries offer everything a couple would desire on their honeymoon – glimmering beaches, exquisite natural beauty, yummy delicacies, heart-warming people and carnival-like holiday vibes. When they showed us all the activities we could do according to our interests, it just got us excited to explore the opportunities. A Travel Duet also provides services that make a honeymoon memorable and comfortable – which is what we couples look forward to after all the hectic days of the wedding!”

Honeymoon Planning with A Travel Duet

Stop 5: Monisha Ajgaonkar of The Photo Diary
“Wedding photographs are the most crucial aspect of a wedding and are something we couples will cherish for life. Monisha told us about the different approaches to wedding photography which changed our perspective towards candid captures. We felt very comfortable with her. I was in awe when I saw the images as the pictures spoke of her impressive talent and creativity.”

Wedding Photography consultation with Monisha Ajgaonkar of The Photo Diary

Stop 6: Consultation with Nisha Jhangiani at Falguni & Shane Peacock Store
“This was our first visit to the Falguni & Shane Peacock Store and the entire experience was very interesting and informative. Bridal Stylist/ Shopping Consultant Nisha Jhangiani who took us there gave us a detailed fashion consultation and guided us on what’s trending in wedding ensembles. I liked the beautiful outfits on display and the intricate work on them. The store also helps customize pieces according to a bride’s preferences and gives one the flexibility to go creative if you want to contribute to designing your wedding outfit.”

Bridal Wear consultation with Consultation with Nisha Jhangiani at Falguni & Shane Peacock Store

If you’re engaged and would like to spend ‘A Day with WeddingSutra Favorites’, please send in your nomination as per format below (email: editor@weddingsutra.com).

Selected readers will be invited for this unique experience in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Email Subject line: A Day with WeddingSutra
Please share your names, links to your Facebook profiles, date of your wedding, the city you live in and the city where you will be getting married.

Photos Courtesy: The Photo Diary

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