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A Flash Wedding

Nikunj Tanna and Dipti Sadalge were seeing each other for sometime, they were hoping to get married in a year or two. But then all of a sudden they had to rush to India to get married in ten days. The Boston based pharmaceutical professionals share their experiences.

Says Nikunj: “My parents were visiting us here in Boston, and they brought up the topic of us getting married. We had thought about getting married after a year or two, but not given serious thought to a fixed month. When we looked at our leave schedules and visa stamping dates, we realized that we would not be able to come to India together for the next 3-4 years. Thats when we decided to take the leap in a short time frame. Once the decision was made, it was a crazy week- less than 10 days, before we actually got onto the plane. I was co-ordinating with my brother and bhabhi from here, and Dipti was coordinating with her mother, and then my brother was in turn coordinating with her parents. Because of the time difference, we had some sleepless nights here even before we got onto the plane. It was quite nerve wrecking, to think about how people in Mumbai would be able to arrange everything in less than two weeks. What was more frustrating was that we, sitting in Boston, could really do nothing but talk. Luckily we were able to find a good wedding hall, caterer & decorator and everything worked out.”

“When we finally got onto the plane, it started sinking in, that in one week’s time, we would go from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘married’. It was a weird feeling, we were excited, nervous, tense, elated. Due to lack of time, we had our engagement on the same day morning at 8.30 am and the wedding at 12.30 pm. I almost had the worst engagement, because I was trying to hunt for my engagement ring all over Mumbai. Over 3 to 4 days I had tried all the major jewellers in Mumbai. More than 80% rings did not fit my finger, and the ones that fit, I didn’t like at all. I had my heart in my mouth, in my last ditch attempt, I tried my luck at one jeweller at 9.30 pm on Friday night (the night before the engagement) in the hope of finding my ring, and I finally ended up liking something that fit my finger. It was such a big relief, I have no words to explain my feelings at that moment. It almost felt as if the entire story was scripted”.

“I believe, no matter how much time you have for Wedding Planning– two months or ten months, in all likelihood you will be stressed and tense. We were lucky to find a good wedding hall and caterer in less than two weeks. Honestly, though, 2 weeks is too short a time to plan a wedding- 2 months, I think is just fine- you don’t get too stressed over a long period of time, yet have enough time to take care of the little details for the big day.”

Photographs Courtesy- Rama Ahuja
Cell No: +91 9321150652

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