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A Note from the CEO- WeddingSutra.com

Dear Industry Friends,

In the last few weeks many views/ perspectives have been addressed by thought leaders and visionaries across industries. In a scenario like this, I am compelled to think of what I can share that you may have not already heard of before, or, how some fresh information or my observations can give you some clarity on the ‘New Temporary’ for the wedding industry as of today.

A Note from the CEO- WeddingSutra.com

I have put together this note based on my thoughts and perspectives over the last two weeks.

50 – The Magic Number

Most venues and vendors in India are re-imagining weddings with just 50 guests in mind! This is not to state that the authorities in India have capped the number at 50, and will not allow any more. This number is only to get the fraternity to think about how they will work when they get to work.

Will I be able to invite at least 200 guests?

How much trust and love will you get from the guests, and how much has shifted for them post-lockdown? If the hosts are confident that 200 guests will attend a post-wedding reception at a five-star hotel (providing the hotel permits that as an upper cap), they will go ahead and plan for that. But then again, if the upper cap is 100, they will work around that too!
The point is, although the hosts may be ‘mentally prepared’ for 50 attendees, they will think about how it will work if 200 can be invited with respect to social distancing and comfort level of guests, particularly the senior citizens, and of course, ease of catering.

Home, the (Farm) House & the Hotel

Most homes in India, have hosted social, traditional or religious celebrations of all sizes. That’s right! It could be a very small home, but that will not constrain the owners from inviting as many relatives and friends as they want to, because in ‘happy occasions,’ your neighbours’ homes become one large extension of your own home. So, if you have a spacious residence, or, with the added cooperation of your neighbours, you can invite as many guests as you want to.

Since times are different now, families may choose to host only the wedding and/or the mehndi at home, and keep the other functions like the cocktail or reception at a hotel provided they are confident that the all-important catering makes the cut – not just to safety/ hygiene standards but their guests’ tastes and preferences too.

And then there is the option of the beautiful holiday homes and farmhouses in Alibaug/ Lonavala/Khandala, near Mumbai, or Mahabalipuram, near Chennai, alongside many opulent farmhouses of Delhi.

Destination and International Weddings?

Think baby-steps! The recce may start at the hotels closer to home, then farmhouses on the outskirts of the city. Once the couple and their immediate families are comfortable with travel within India, they and their selected guests can head to domestic destinations first, and possibly international venues later.

Watch this space for more- Design and Space Inspirations for ‘New Normal Weddings’

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