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A Pre-Wedding Wildlife Experience

Nikita, a Teacher & Writer and Sandeep, a Chartered Accountant are getting married in February, in Mumbai. Both ardent fans of WeddingSutra they wrote in to tell us how we inspired them to think of something special for their Pre-wedding shoot. They chose a unique location- ‘Baghvan’ the enchanting Taj Safari lodge in Madhya Pradesh.

Nikita and Sandeep on their Engagement Day

Says Sandeep: “When I start thinking about the shoot, something candid and natural is what appealed to me. A locale like a Lodge set deep in the wilderness grounds seemed most exciting.” Adds Nikita: “I was thinking of a pre-wedding shoot for a long time but since Sandeep is a little shy about posing, I didn’t broach the subject till recently but when we got talking we knew we had to take time out for this. And we were clear what it has to be- fun, natural and very ‘us’.”

Baghvan’- Taj Safari Lodge in Madhya Pradesh

The couple are also happy that the stay in Baghvan and shoot with popular wedding photographer Dev Purbiya will be a good break from work and wedding preps. “Though I am not taking any stress at the moment, except for a bit of running around during weekends”, says Sandeep. His fiance tells us more: “I have been having my moments when I realise that my whole life is going to change. It is overwhelming and sometimes hard to keep my emotions in check. The whole ordeal of shopping, packing and the mental preparedness of the big move is kind of daunting. So while most of the time I am very happy and excited thinking about the Big Day, I de-stress with a good book and sitcoms. And this holiday on the edge of Pench National Park, in a cottage alongside a picturesque locale surrounded by the shaded canopies of beautiful forest trees may be the best stress-buster, better than the most relaxing or pampering spa treatment.”

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