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A Retro-Style Mix-Tape Marriage Invitation!

Anahita Havewala and Vinay Agarwal work in the events industry; Vinay organizes large-scale music events, Anahita is an event/wedding planner. Not only does music feature in their professional lives, but it also played Cupid for this couple! So, from the initial meeting itself, it was decided that the core theme for the entire wedding would be music.

Ranjani Iyengar of Pink Whistle Man was entrusted with designing their wedding invitations. They worked through several iterations, including the music-festival-wrist-band idea and an iPod theme, but then, “I thought of making a tape recorder envelope with cassette invites and this seemed to interest them the most!”

A throwback to the pre-digital days when a carefully curated mix-tape was a sign of a first crush, the cards began to take shape. Ranjani says, “The couple was leaning towards vintage design with French elements but nothing too feminine or floral. Everything fell into place; the insert, a simple cassette holder and the detailing came together with the lyrics of all their significant songs on each cassette invite. Anna personally oversaw the text that went into each and every insert.”

Aware that this could be a trend-setting retro-themed design idea, Ranjani smiles, “The rest of the stationery was designed ‘in tune’ with their invite. Every detail including the backdrop of their mandap was carefully selected to fit the theme.”

As they say, “If music be the food of love, play on!”


Vinay and Anna-horz

Designed by- Pink Whistle Man (Mumbai/ Bangalore)

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