A Romantic Getaway In Turkey Turns Into A Surprise Wedding Proposal

Growing up on the exotic Spanish island of Tenerife, Payal and Badal fell in love with each other as teenagers. After almost a decade of being in love and facing ups and downs, this beautiful couple managed to make their relationship stronger and better. On their romantic getaway to Turkey, Badal decided to surprise Payal and popped the big question. While the couple eagerly prepares for the wedding, the groom-to-be shared the details of the surprise proposal with us.

Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal

How They Met
Badal shared, “We were teenagers when we first met. We kept in touch through common friends and went to parties and events together. After a while, we became best friends and eventually, lovers. Initially, we kept things private since we did not want to excite our friends and family. We kept it on the low to see how things work out between us. And soon, we realized that we were meant for each other and we just couldn’t hide it anymore. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout these ten years with each other. We had a long distance relationship for six years while I was studying abroad. But distance only made our hearts grow fonder instead of driving us apart. Those years led to the beginning of a strong foundation between us as a couple.”

The Proposal
“After being together for almost a decade, I finally built up the courage to propose to Payal. We planned a trip to Cappadocia and Istanbul in Turkey. While Payal thought it was one of our romantic getaways, I was planning for the most perfect proposal for her. We went to Azure Cave Suites in the region of Göreme one day. While we were there, I gently woke her up at sunrise and left a red dress and a note by her dressing table that read: ”Get ready beautiful and meet me for breakfast at 6.30 am.”

Soon, Payal arrived for breakfast in an elegant red dress. A romantic mood was set at the table with wine, fruit, with a gorgeous backdrop of the town nestled in the mountains behind them. As Payal arrived at the table, Badal got down on one knee and popped the question. Soon after she said ‘Yes,’ he gave her a rose and they embraced each other.

Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal
Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal
Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal

Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal
Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal

Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal

Engagement Photoshoot
The couple had an engagement photoshoot right after the surprise proposal. One of the photoshoots was captured at the carpet market of Cappadocia. The couple posed against the exotic backdrop of ethnic Turkish rugs, carpets, pillows, and mud pots. They then stood beneath the alluring Turkish lamps at a lamp store with their eyes locked on each other. While Payal dressed in a tiered pink dress with a golden belt to complete her look, Badal donned a royal blue blazer along with a shirt and trousers. The couple also posed amidst the mountains as hot air balloons floated in the background.

Payal and Badal - Wedding Proposal

Venue: Cappadocia, Turkey
Photography: Mekhamer
Videography: Samet Gorgoz Films

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