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A Spectacular Shaadi in Dubai

Saif and Tanim’s Shaadi was a colorful and fun-filled extravaganza planned to precision by Dubai’s ace Wedding Planner Rimjhim Bhagchandani

The celebrations commenced with a fun night of performances at the Mehndi function in Sheraton Creek Diera. Bright and fun colors all around the ballroom, a stunning Sabyasachi outfit worn by Tarnim and loads of adrenaline pumping performances by both sides of the families made for a perfect mehndi evening.

The wedding venue was Madinat Jumeirah on Jumeirah beach. The setting was the Joharah ballroom of Madinat Jumeirah, the stage was over 50 feet wide and put together splendidly. A smaller draped stage to one side of the main stage was where the the Nikaah was held. After the Nikaah, Saif and Tarnim entered together lead by an entourage of Dabka dancers. After the evening concluded, rukhsati happened at the pier where the couple boarded a small boat and bid goodbye to the guests.

The Walima was held at The Symphony Ballroom at the Address hotel in downtown Dubai. Says US based Mili Ghosh who photographed all the wedding functions: “Tarnim looked stunning in her bright red Manish Malhotra anarkali and her classic look took me back to the 50s bollywood.” A Tanoora dancer and the ‘drums of the world’ group entertained guests throughout the Walima evening. The long swirling colorful skirts that the Tanoura performer wore made spectacular patterns as he twirled around in circles. ‘Drums of the World’ percussion ensemble is a uniquely dynamic musical collective, it takes the form of a facilitated jazz/fusion ensemble using duns duns, djembes, tablas, doumbeks, clay pots, mouth harp, shekeres, bongos, and other world percussion instruments, that provide exciting vibes.

The evening concluded with a very fun and interactive drumming lesson session between the guests and the performers.

Photographs Courtesy- Mili Ghosh Photography

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