A Unique Idea to Present Wedding Memories

Rishitha & Vasanth who got married in Hyderabad wanted to share their wedding photographs and memories with their large number of family & friends. Instead of designing a traditional wedding album, their Wedding Photographer Amar Ramesh from Chennai came up with a unique concept to showcase the grand and stylish wedding. Ramesh’ team designed a 96 page wedding magazine with all the flair and polish of a high-end lifestyle magazine. It covered the wedding events, interviews with the bride & groom, the post-wedding photo shoot and quotes from close family and friends. Here’s a closer look at Rishitha & Vasanth’s wedding magazine.

The centerfold spread featured the photoshoots

Couple Speak

The magazine’s ‘fun’ section with spot the difference (using a photo from the wedding) and a word puzzle (with menus from the wedding)

The team that designed and executed the concept

Amar Ramesh

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