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Actress Bhavana Balsaver Engaged

Actress Bhavana Balsaver is engaged to Karan Shah, who she has been dating since 12 years. The couple and their close friends were on a short holiday in Goa, and on 15th August Karan surprised Bhavana with a beautifully planned proposal. He took her blindfolded to a secluded area which was pre-decorated with flowers. And then there was a string of pleasantries; music, champagne and finally the exchange of rings.

Bhavana, daughter of well-known actress Shubha Khote, acted with Karan on shows like No Problem and Oh Daddy on Zee TV. A brilliant student in her school days, Bhavana pursued Fashion Designing at SNDT before venturing into acting. Bhavana has performed many diverse roles, but like her mother she is best known for her comedy performances. Currently, she is acting in a SAB TV show, and is active in the English theatre scene. Karan is an ex-model, actor, director. He made his Bollywood debut in the film ‘Jawani’ and he now works as a senior producer for Reliance Big Pictures.

The half-Maharashtrian, half-Manglorean actress and her Gujarati fiance may have a simple registered marriage followed by an evening reception. On other wedding plans, Bhavana says: “We’ve not finalised the dates yet, but I’m keen on a winter wedding. So in all probability it will be end of this year or early next year. We’d like to have a Destination Wedding, but I’m not sure how practical that would be, since it is difficult to coordinate dates of the two families.”

Clothes and wedding shopping are not top of the mind for Bhavana: “I’m not a great fan of elaborate clothes and accessories. In fact, off-camera I don’t even wear make-up. So I’m not even thinking about the what-to-buy or what-to-wear bit.”

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