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Adhikari Family get Wedding Ready

“My brother Ravi is getting married in mid-January”, Urvee Adhikari Vyas, the charming fashion designer and daughter of business baron Gautam Adhikari (of Sab TV) called to invite us. Ravi Adhikari is marrying his childhood sweetheart Rubaina, a Nutritionist. At a relaxed photo shoot at their home Adhikari Villa in Juhu, they spoke to us about their Wedding preps.

Ravi and Rubaina

Anjana and Gautam Adhikari tell us they toyed with the idea of a Destination Wedding but then decided on a home town wedding. “We considered Goa and Rajasthan, but finally decided on Mumbai, with the different functions at Hotel Novotel, Hilton and Taj Lands End.” Adds Urvee: “When I got married two years ago, the Wedding was managed by Erina and Natasha of Divinity Weddings, we’ve appointed them for Ravi’s wedding too, so co-ordination is quite a breeze, they know us well and we know them.” The groom-to-be adds: “Dad has decided on the budget, my sister and brother-in-law are taking care of the details so I’m relaxed because I have the least responsibility.” Karan Vyas, Urvee’s husband tells us: “The ladies in the house have taken most of the creative decisions, and I prefer it that way- logistics and co-ordination is more fun than deciding on colors or decor elements.” Ravi and his sister conclude: “And we have the sweetest mom, who says ‘Yes’ to whatever everyone decides on.”

Standing- Anjana & Gautam Adhikari with Ravi and Rubaina. Seated-Karan Vyas & Urvee with the to-be-weds.

Photographs Courtesy- Medhavi Kotecha
DKreate Photography

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