Adrija and Ashish’s proposal turns the tables while going down on one knee!

Proposals are like a magic portal into the future – one minute you’re in love, the next minute, your life has changed and the door to your forever has been opened.

It’s a moment loaded with portent and a memory you’ll cherish forever.

Every one dreams of the perfect proposal but let’s face it – usually women expect to be proposed to leaving the onus of proposing on the men. So what happens when a girl decides to take matters into her own hand and pop the question herself? Answer, the same wonderful magic!

Adrija and Ashish’s proposal is the most swoon-worthy proposal story you’ll read today! Here, the lovely bride-to-be who broke tradition shares the beautiful proposal story in her own words.

Adrija and Ashish

“My proposal story is a bit different. I have always dreamt of the moment a man would go down on one knee and pop the question in a dreamy set up. But when I found the man of my dreams, I thought, why not turn the tables? It was his birthday eve and I planned everything. We went to our favorite rooftop restaurant, I had a pretty “Marry Me” written out in rose petals and candles, I booked the photographer and dressed my best. I’d prepped the DJ and told him to play “I think I’m gonna marry you” by Bruno Mars also. I didn’t want to miss out on a single detail!

I still get goose bumps when I recall the moment. It was at 8 p.m., the terrace crowded with people and when Ashish entered through the gate and heard the song, he knew I was up to something. I couldn’t control my smile. When he came closer, I went down on my knee and popped the question. He was over the moon, happy and amazed. He just couldn’t say no! That was by far the best day of my life.”

Adrija and Ashish
Adrija and Ashish
Adrija and Ashish
Adrija and Ashish
Adrija and Ashish

Photographer: The Photoroosters Productions

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