Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ features engaged couples and captures beautiful moments between them. The series celebrates people in love as they start their lives together. Over a fabulous makeover and a photo shoot, we get these couples to share how they met, document the rare connection they have and talk about their day of love.

They say that every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairytale.

There’s a mystery to when and how these fairytales come to be, adding magic and perfection to your mundane life, making it better than it has ever been. How does love mix the thrill of something new with that comfort and safety of something timeless? How does someone you just met make you feel like you’ve known them since eternity?

When Amrozia met Saqib in college for the first time, it was almost like she could feel an invisible quill began to write a story that would become theirs and theirs alone.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of Love

The two shared interests and ideals – travelling, trying new cuisines, anime movies… and the texts flew back and forth between the two until Saqib asked Amrozia out. A student struggling with her thesis then, Amrozia found her solace in spending time with Saqib, a professional banker, who would help her with research in whatever little way he could. Amrozia says, “Within a couple of months of meeting, we were so close that we never really understood the transition from being friends to lovers. We are so real and comfortable around each other. That’s the best and the most secure feeling.”

The couple has been inseparable since. From their first bike ride together, they’ve gone gallivanting and exploring all the way up to Ladakh. But a trip to Bali was what it took for them to eventually realise what was brewing. The couple could finally see the intimacy they shared and Saqib knew, most certainly, that he wanted to secure this bond for life.

The trip back home was a ride full of speculations. He knew he wanted a proposal that would last in their memories forever. He went back and forth over a million details but there was one thing he was sure about; he wanted to pop the question with a keepsake that would symbolise the uniqueness and innocence of the relationship he shared with Amrozia. A Platinum Love Band was exactly what he needed.

And finally, their Platinum Day of Love arrived…

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveWith a lovestory like one that’s written in the books, Amrozia and Saqib were drawn to the neighborhood library for a romantic date.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveWings on her feet forever, Amrozia couldn’t resist the travel books.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveWhile she was lost in the words, Saqib seemed lost in her beauty.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveHow in the world did we find each other? But now that we have, we can explore the globe.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveAmrozia kept suggesting place after place, only to have Saqib put down every suggestion of hers.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveLittle did she know that Saqib was getting ready to start their most beautiful journey.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveBut he was taking his time and she had no idea why they couldn’t agree on a destination.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveDejected and stultified, Amrozia decided to call off the plan and head home, but…

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveSaqib: I want to climb mountains and swim oceans across the world, but only with you by my side. In this journey of life, Amrozia, will you be my partner.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveSaqib was swift enough to sweep her off her feet and slide a Platinum Love Band on her finger.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveDown on one knee is the most important first step.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of Love
Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of Love
Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of Love
Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveEvery eternal romance deserves the perpetuity of Platinum.

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of Love

Amrozia and Saqib’s Platinum Day of LoveThey set their sights and sails to celebrate the journey of life with their Platinum Love Bands.

Amrozia’s gorgeous look was created by make-up artist Divya Sonar and capturing the couple’s romantic moments was the Busy Bee Studio. Rasiklal Sankalchand Jewellers helped Saqib proclaim his love with these gorgeous bands of glimmering Platinum.

If you’re getting married within the next year and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Platinum love bands and Jewelry: Rasiklal Sankalchand Jewellery
Venue: Leaping Windows, Mumbai
Makeup artist: Divya Sonar
Photographer: Busy Bee Studio

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