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An Artsy Proposal

The Heart Bandits, a Marriage Proposal Planning company, was contacted by a very excited Sameer who needed help proposing to his girlfriend Nisha. Nisha wanted a public proposal, but Sameer wasn’t sure how to bring it all together. He ended up deciding that he would take her on a date to the beach and surprise her with a very artsy proposal.

On the proposal day, Sameer and Nisha were enjoying a relaxing day soaking up the sun, when an artist set up two canvases right in front of the couple. The artist, who was of course in on the whole thing begun painting and marvelling over his own masterpiece. Finally Sameer told Nisha that he was going to talk to the artist and make sure that he wasn’t painting them! When Sameer approached the artist, he was raving over his work and Sameer called Nisha to look at it. Just as Nisha realized that the paintings said, “Will you marry me?” in the clouds, Sameer got down on one knee to propose!


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