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A Royal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at the Sabyasachi Store

Karan and Ankita met through an arranged marriage set-up and don’t these pictures show how perfect they are for each other? Capturing the unique bond between the two, WeddingSutra Favourite Dream Diaries conjured up some pre-wedding moments with a royal touch for them.

Synonymous with glorious wedding attires, the Sabyasachi brand thrills to-be-weds and this couple were excited as they entered the store, looking for engagement outfits. But it wasn’t just the collection that had them awestruck. The décor and ambiance at the store were as gorgeous. Right there in the middle of a palatial setting, they knew they couldn’t have found a better location for their pre-wedding shoot.

Ankita and Karan

Ankita says, “We wanted to create a vintage theme. In resonance with the location aesthetics, I chose a gold patina jacket and Karan found a perfect contrast to my outfit, a pastel pink sherwani.”

The vibrant pictures do justice to the breathtaking interiors of the store. Adorned with massive chandeliers, antique wall paintings, a grand red carpet and a few vintage beauties, the setting epitomizes rich Indian culture. The frames and lighting techniques employed by Dream Diaries only helps bring a royal glow to every photo taken there.

Ankita and Karan
Ankita and Karan

About her moments in this lap of luxury, Ankita says, “The shoot was truly an unforgettable experience, not just because of my first my shoot with Karan, but also because everything was so smooth! The management even agreed to open the store at 8 a.m. especially for us! We can’t be more thankful to all who made those precious moments possible, I felt like it was a dream come true!”

Ankita and Karan
Ankita and Karan

Location: Sabyasachi Store
Photo Courtesy: Dream Diaries

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