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Watch Aparna and Varun’s wedding trailer unfold in the gorgeous vistas of Muscat, Oman

Shot against gorgeous backdrops, Aparna and Varun’s wedding trailer deftly captures the memorable vistas, energy and emotions of their wedding.

A small nation on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a Middle Eastern gem with beauty in every corner. Its natural diversity, rich culture, marvelous architecture, and hospitality from the heart make the country an ideal location for a dreamy destination wedding.

Fascinated by Oman and everything that it has to offer, Aparna and Varun hosted their nuptials at the Shangri-La Al Husn Resort & Spa in Muscat. This couple’s wedding trailer takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions. The video begins with their friends comparing Aparna and Varun when they are drunk and deciding which one of them will play the role of the mother, and who will assume that of the father. “When children find true love, parents find true joy,” says Aparna’s father in a speech at the reception, thereby echoing the feeling of millions of parents around the world who see their children wed. The camera pans to a touched bride who carefully wipes away a tear when her father thanks her and Varun for giving him true joy.

The video stands out for the way it highlights not just the bond between the couple, but also their relationships with their family members and the cross-cultural group of friends. In an emotive dialogue, Aparna’s sister gets emotional on screen and shares how she knows that Aparna will fill Varun’s life with joy and beauty just like she did for her, while a member of his family talks about what a great guy he is. As the ceremonies and a lot of dancing unfold, one can sense the love and warmth that engulf this wedding which takes place against gorgeous vistas of Muscat, Oman. The shot of the red and silver mandap against the brilliant blue waters of the gulf is one memorable and picture-perfect moment. The soundtracks include Hindi and English songs which are skillfully interwoven with the narrative onscreen.

The aesthetics, decor, and bonhomie at each of the ceremony are undeniably gorgeous, yet, what’s even more striking is the sense of authentic happiness that everyone, from young to old, exudes on this momentous occasion.

Videography: Amour Wedding Films

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