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‘Army life taught me a lot about Event Management’

Her creative enthusiasm generates magical moments. Meet Bangkok-based Keeran Baweja of ‘Weddings by Keeran’ which offers the most exuberant theme and destination weddings. Keeran is famous for her meticulous planning, superb ability to work on a budget and strong managerial skills. The much sought-after Wedding Planner spoke to Jaspreet Soni

After completing my post-graduation in Botany from Miranda House, Delhi, I married an Army officer, so we lived in many places, and I got to participate in many competitions and organize creative events. The experiences strengthened my passion for creativity and over the years I developed an eye for detail, and learnt how to give shape to ideas. Later, my husband took premature retirement from the Army, and we moved to Bangkok where his family resides. And then on began my career as a Wedding Planner.

– Tell us about any one theme you have executed till date, which has been one of the most memorable experiences.
The one that was truly special is a Retro Bolly/ Holly theme we executed recently. It was the client’s idea, and though a tried and tested theme, we added new dimensions by opting for life size cutouts of famous 70’s movie icons like Gabbar Singh, Sholay Buddies, John Travolta, Wonder Woman, Basanti etc with their equally famous accessories, which were placed all around the venue. We also used sound bites from the same 70’s films, giveaways such as moustaches, funky 70’s sun-glasses, polka-dotted scarves further enhanced the effect. The success of the party was quite elating!

Another theme, I always look forward to executing is the Rajasthani theme. I am deeply enamored by the multi-colored hues, jewellery, dances and structures of Rajasthan.

– Besides decor, which other aspect of wedding management do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy anything which requires detailing and follow-ups. I don’t like leaving anything to chance—be it the transport, entertainment, menus or any other aspect of wedding planning.

– Where do you shop for wedding decor elements?
I live in Bangkok but I shop for weddings whenever I travel. In short, I walk, talk, eat, drink and sleep my work. It gets too much sometimes for people around me, so I need to take myself away from my passion when I’m with my family and friends!

– What advice would you like to share with WeddingSutra readers

  • Detail, Detail and Detail, to make life easier
  • Give a heading to each element and then subheadings so tracking and remembering becomes easier.
  • If you’re hiring the services of a Wedding Planner, choose one who gives you good advice on where your (or your parents) hard earned money should be spent and what expenditure can be avoided
  • Don’t stress the small stuff on your wedding day, make sure you don’t get irritated or annoyed by anyone’s action—be they a family member, friend, acquaintance or wedding service provider. Because what you’ll remember most, is how you felt on your very special day!

Weddings by Keeran in association with Precious Time. To get in touch with Keeran write to keeran@weddingsbykeeran.com

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