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‘Banaras’ inspired Jewellery by Zoya

Zoya, the exquisite Diamond Boutique, from the House of Tata, launched its latest jewellery collection, ‘Banaras’ evoking picturesque images of the divine lotus, temples and floating diyas on the river Ganges at dusk.

Parvathy Omanakuttan showcases Zoya’s Banaras collection necklaces

The collection was unveiled through a dramatic representation that brought the mystique and charm of the world’s oldest city, Banaras, at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, with the stage emulating the ancient ghats of Banaras on the edge of the holy Ganga. The evening also showcased a collection of Taj Khazana’s glorious Banarasi sarees, beautifully complementing each of Zoya’s stunning creations.

Zoya’s Banaras striking pieces find inspiration from eternal images of the city- a lotus blooming in the sacred waters with glistening dewdrops on its petals; captivating chandelier earrings ending in white polkis are inspired by the lamps used for the Ganga Aarti performed each evening on the ghats; a hansli is inspired by the domes and spires of temples that dot the landscape of Banaras.

Noted Educationist Indu Shahani at the event

Models in Banaras inspired jewels and sarees

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