Bridal Beauty Guide: 10 Tips for Wow Winter-ready Skin

Winter is coming, and that means gusts of wind nearly knocking you over and drying your skin out to the max. It’s challenging to protect your face from the harsh winter conditions, making the task of covering up dry and rough skin even tougher. But don’t worry — it is possible for brides-to-be and bridesmaids to do makeup when your skin is super dry, and we have tips from our favorite makeup artists that will ensure that you look naturally radiant at the wedding.

Winter-ready Skin

1. Moisturize!
Makeup artist Marisa Khanijaon recommends moisturizing your face with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. She adds that it helps to increase your dosage of Vitamin C during winter as it aids in strengthening the immune system as well as adds brightness to one’s face.

Winter-ready SkinCharlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

2. Add supplements for nourishment
Your skin needs to be nourished from within as well as externally during the winter season to achieve a smooth canvas for your make-up artist. Makeup artist Bianca Louzado explains, “In addition to consuming liquids to keep your skin hydrated, also ensure that you make a trip to your favorite Dermatologist, get ur dose of Vitamins A, C & E, and supplements such as Biotin for hair and skin. A magical trick for the winters is using a drop of any Beauty elixir such as Rosehip oil massaged into your skin twice a day.”

Winter-ready SkinRosehip oil

3. Wash in Lukewarm Water
For winters, makeup artist Saakshi Takiar suggests that you avoid hot water, particularly when just washing your face or hands. Instead use lukewarm water to avoid stripping oils away from the skin.

Winter-ready Skin

4. Moisturize Multiple Times
Yes, we all know moisturizing our skin in winter is of utmost importance. But have we ever given much thought to how many times we should do it? Makeup artist Nandini Advani suggests, “Keep yourself amply hydrated and use a generous amount of a moisturizer specific to your skin type at least twice a day, every day.”

Winter-ready Skin

5. Oils for the drying times
Makeup Artist Neeta Kapoor shares, “To make sure your skin doesn’t dry out from the cold, add moisturizing oils to your bath; use a petroleum jelly product on your nails, heels, and elbows; and drink lots of water. The end result? A radiant, lit-from-within look!”

Winter-ready Skin

6. Day & Night Wonders
Makeup artist Sejal Sachnakul shares that moisturizing creams are not the same. Your daily regime should include a separate day cream and a night cream daily, which have been formulated for different skin protection and regenerating needs.

Winter-ready Skin

7. Hydrafacial Magic
The most significant treatment to get a noticeable glow on your wedding day is Hydrafacial for a radiant glowing complexion”, says makeup artist Shachi Singh.

Winter-ready Skin

8. Exfoliation is Vital
Bridal makeup artist Aditi Mehra adds, “Exfoliation is the key to soft and glowing winter ready skin. Exfoliating weekly helps get rid of dead skin instantly. It allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin and makes the foundation look natural. I would recommend natural ingredients like brown sugar or oats scrub for exfoliation.”

Winter-ready Skin

9. Try Sheet Masks
Kuhu Guptaa from Neu Blush suggests the use of a nice sheet mask in winters every night before sleeping. She says. “It ensures that you wake up with fresh and supple skin. Also, the use of a moisturizer on a regular basis is a must!”

Winter-ready Skin

10. Prevent dry, chapped lips
Makeup Artist Vrinda Makhija swears DIY lip scrubs – simply mix some sugar granules with coconut oil – and then apply some Lip Balm which softens your lips and prevents moisture loss. Look for natural balms that contain real moisturizers like vitamin E, shea butter, honey, coconut oil, propolis, and beeswax.

Winter-ready Skin

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