Bridal Beauty Guide: 10 Tips for Wow Winter-ready Skin

Winter is here, and while the colder climate is welcome (get out those chic woolens!), the accompanying skin dryness is not. With the winter wedding season on, brides-to-be and bridesmaids should take extra measures to protect their skin and make sure it glows on the big day. We, at WeddingSutra, want you to look wow this winter, so here are 10 skincare tips from our favorite makeup artists that will ensure that you look naturally radiant at your wedding.

Winter-ready Skin

1. Moisturize!
Makeup artist Marisa Khanijaon recommends moisturizing your face with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. She adds that it helps to increase your dosage of Vitamin C during winter as it aids in strengthening the immune system as well as adds brightness to one’s face.

Winter-ready SkinLakmé Fruit Moisturizer Winter Care Lotion/Lakmé Winter Intense Maximum Moisturizer

2. Add Some Color
As winter progresses, our facial skin looks dry and pale. Dipan, from GlossnGlass, suggests using a hydrating moisturizer to combat dryness as well as a natural-toned blush to add some color and dimension to pale winter complexion.

Winter-ready SkinL’Oreal Infallible Paint Blush Palettes

3. Try Facial Massages
Makeup artist Shamita Gogia says that her new favorite thing to do is massaging her skin with rosehip oil every night before going to sleep. “Winter skin needs as much moisturizing as possible to avoid looking flaky on the wedding day. Another quick fix I recommend is to keep hydrating sheet masks on your bedside table and use them at least once a week before sleeping until your wedding day.”

Winter-ready Skin

4. Moisturize Multiple Times
Yes, we all know moisturizing our skin in winter is of utmost importance. But have we ever given much thought to how many times we should do it? Makeup artist Nandini Advani suggests, “Keep yourself amply hydrated and use a generous amount of a moisturizer specific to your skin type at least twice a day, every day.”

Winter-ready Skin

5. Turn the Heat Down
Everyone loves hot showers and tub baths in winter. However, makeup artist Serena Rayani warns that hot water depletes natural oils from the skin’s surface, making it more susceptible to conditions like eczema and flakiness. She recommends alcohol -free products especially during winter as formulations with alcohol tends to strip away moisture from the skin.

Winter-ready Skin

6. Take Your Supplements
Drinking eight glasses of water a day is known to work wonders on our skin. However, we can all do with a little help on that front. Makeup artist Shradha Luthria recommends, “Take Omega 3 supplements after consulting with your dermatologist.”

Winter-ready Skin

7. Day & Night Wonders
Makeup artist Sejal Sachnakul shares that moisturizing creams are not the same. Your daily regime should include a separate day cream and a night cream daily, which have been formulated for different skin protection and regenerating needs.

Winter-ready SkinLakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Day and Night cremes

8. Color pop
Add warmth to your winter complexion with beauty products, suggests makeup artist Farah Shah. Swap the classic red on the lips for a more intense berry tone and warm, shimmering hues on eyelids look lovely in the grey of colder weather. She also recommends adding moisturizing oils to your hot tub bath to prevent skin from drying out.

Winter-ready Skin L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick (Aishwarya) – Rouge Gold

9. Sunscreen? Check!
Even though it may seem grey in winter with the sun in hiding behind the clouds, don’t skip putting on your sunscreen lotion advises makeup artist Minee Khanna. “Never compromise on sunscreen even if it is not sunny outside as ultraviolet rays can reach your skin and cause potential damage.”

Winter-ready Skin

10. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate
With layers of moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup in winters, our skin barely gets time to breathe. That’s why exfoliation is so important, shares makeup artist Shwetha Raju. “It is vital to get all the muck out to keep skin smooth and supple. Exfoliation, a good night mask and hydrating moisturizer are of utmost importance if you want to shine with a natural glow on your big day.”

Winter-ready SkinLoreal Pais Pure-Clay Mask Exfoliate and Refine Pores

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