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Bride Namrata’s Time Capsule Blouse Will Take You on the Journey of Her Love Story

Two years ago, designer Kresha Bajaj captured the attention not only of fashionistas and design enthusiasts but also a particular bride-to-be with her wedding attire. Kresha’s elaborate lehenga, beautifully embroidered with scenes of milestones in her relationship inspired Namrata who decided that when it was time to don her own trousseau, she would take the concept and make it her own.

The moment her wedding was finalized, Namrata got down to business. She spent hours drawing out her tale on her blouse and with the help of a friend she finally realized her dream. “I could not possibly thank Disha, owner of Soiree Couture, enough for supporting my madness unconditionally, and Kresha Bajaj for igniting the spark,” Namrata says.

Bride Namrata
Bride Namrata and Groom Kiran
Bride Namrata’s Time Capsule Blouse
Bride Namrata’s Time Capsule Blouse

On her wedding day, a vision in a white and gold Kanjivaram saree, Namrata’s bespoke blouse was the star of the show. An integral part of the wedding prep, Namrata’s heart was all in what will become a keepsake, “Perhaps the only thing I was equal parts nervous and excited about throughout the planning was this blouse. But like a majority of things, I had an insane time drawing, writing, tracing, designing and goofing around with some of my favorite people!”

Bride Namrata’s Time Capsule Blouse

This enterprising bride deconstructs the design of the garment to explain her vision. It began with the fabric, “I used the blouse that came with the white-and-gold Kanjivaram sari but to add a contemporary touch we put 1-inch Salli fringes on the sleeve border.” Then it was time to infuse her story into it, “The front of the blouse featured a snapshot from December 31, 2013, and the back, the same date, exactly 4 years later which was the proposal. The sleeves had silhouettes of two of our favorite photos and the bottom part of the blouse had a line written by my husband. The left and right side had throwbacks to the first date and first car drive on Lombard Street!”

Bride Namrata’s Time Capsule Blouse
Bride Namrata’s Time Capsule Blouse
Bride Namrata’s Time Capsule Blouse

For brides who would like to follow her footsteps, she shares a few tips to keep in mind for best results.

  1. 1. Don’t include text in small cursive fonts since they are difficult to embroider.
  2. 2. Avoid drawing a lot of inspiration from photographs because the depth that pictures offer can’t be replicated using sequence work.
  3. 3. Use fabric that can handle intensive pinning and needlework.
  4. Create rough sketches of the front, back, and sleeves only after you have your measurements so that your drawing can be to scale.
  5. 4. Ask your designer for photos or videos when the needlework is in the process so that you can fix things if required before your blouse is stitched.
  6. 5. Use zari for all your outlines.

Namrata tells us that her efforts received an overwhelming response and the pictures of her gorgeous work tell us exactly why.

Catch more insights of groom Kiran and bride Namrata’s wedding in Hyderabad beautifully captured by our WeddingSutra Favorites Photographer – Journeys by Ram.

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