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Cake Walk

By Disha Waghani

Towering tiers, hundreds of flavours in a variety of colors; name it and you shall have it! Wedding cakes, earlier an American concept, have caught everyone’s fancy in India, and an increasing number of brides and grooms, from all communities search for their dream wedding cake. Bunty Mahajan, Chef and owner, Deliciae, Bandra tells us why the cake is a must-have: “A cake is not just a cake it’s a work of art. And the younger generation love tiered cakes as they add to the wow and glamour element at the celebration.”

Cakes by Bunty Mahajan (Deliciae Bandra)

(right) Peacock theme Wedding cake by Ruchika and Nitin Khurana

Deepika Sarin, a Delhi-based Chocolatier, specialises in cupcakes. Steering away from the conventional cakes, Deepika believes that weddings in India are about families and not just the bride and the groom. She explains: “The mother-in-law’s favourite flavour is as important as the brides. Cupcake towers enable the client to choose from as many as 50 flavours and combinations! It gives them the freedom to incorporate everyone’s favourite flavour.” She adds, “Our clients spend lots of time on the details. They want to match their cupcakes to the theme and décor. I did a cupcake tower in orange, green and red for a mehndi ceremony to match the vibrancy and the energy of the festivity. However, for the reception, I stuck to pastels and added lots of edible glitter since the celebration was a glitzy affair”.

Ruchika and Nitin Khurana, one of Delhi’s finest cake makers share their experience, “Clients have asked us to make cakes with their favourite brand logos, poker hands, edible glitter and Swarovski crystals. Musical cakes, those printed with edible photographs, 3D and 4D cakes are all-popular too.”

We all know a cake eventually gets cut, so is the taste, flavour and the quality of food stuff used compromised on to make it visually appealing? Deepika Sarin explains: “all the ingredients I use are internationally procured and are of the best quality. My prices may be a notch higher, but everything from the Danish butter to the chocolate and sprinklers is of the best quality. So there’s no compromise at all.” Alpa Pareira who runs Toujours in Breach Candy, Mumbai asserts the taste is something you can never compromise on and the reason why people are ready to pay her what she charges is because the quality and taste is always a priority along with visual appeal.

Cupcake Towers by Deepika Sarin

Get the cake, and eat it too- all you need to do is get in touch with a master baker.

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