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Celebrate love with IBJA Gold Coins!

IBJA Gold launched the first ever gold coins showroom in Mumbai, showcasing and celebrating the art and design of the future heirlooms, bought and gifted to signify landmark moments.

We handpicked some stunning designs to bring you some standout coins that will be the best present you gift on the most special occasions in the lives of those you love.

1. Proposal Gold Coin
When you find The One, there’s no feeling like it in the world. And when it’s time to take your life unto a new path, you would want to propose with those three magic words and add to the wonder with the Eternal Proposal Gold Coin. Not only is it made out of 24karat gold, it’s called the Eternal Proposal because you can engrave the theme of your love on it – and revisit the moment forever.

IBJA Gold Coins

2. Promise Gold Coin
A promise is a promise – an eternal bond, timeless, permanent, unbreakable. Whether it’s a romantic promise or a filial one, seal it in gold with this beautiful Promise Gold Coin that marks your relationship. It’s the perfect way to commemorate a relationship and it can be engraved with the important date or other special messages.

IBJA Gold Coins

3. Engagement Gold Coin
The engagement is the first step towards the beauty and strength of a lifetime commitment. While the ceremonies and other distractions are all meant to celebrate the moment, surprise your partner with a glowing Engagement Gold Coin, engraved with a ring symbol, as a personal, intimate ode to everlasting love and companionship.

IBJA Gold Coins

4. Anniversary Gold Coin
Anniversaries are milestones and proof and pride of a long lasting relationship. Commemorate this with a specially designed Anniversary Gold Coin that is the perfect reminder that you’ll never be alone on your journey, in good times and bad and that love indeed gets sweeter by the day.

IBJA Gold Coins

5. Customizable Gold Coins
The Gold Coin is the perfect gift that conveys regard, respect, love and luxury for anyone. Customisation means you bring the perfectly personal to your gift, a gesture that will not go unnoticed. From baby showers to formal events, the IBJA GOLD special occasion, fully customizable gold coins come with more than 500 unique designs that can be engraved with private messages, concepts, even pictures that can help create ‘golden memories’ of a lifetime!

IBJA Gold Coins

G-10, Ground Floor,
Durga Chambers, RK Patkar Marg,
Water Field Road,
Bandra West- 400050
Call: 022 264 06451
WhatsApp: 902 904 2789

Order an IBJA Gold coin and Get Free Personalization (text or image) of value up to Rs.5000/-. Limited period offer.

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