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Couple Portraits Contest– Announcing the Winners of the Judges Choice Awards

Mili and Sid Ghosh, the celebrated US-based wedding photographers & cinematographers well-known for their Bollywood chic-style wedding albums and films judged the Couple Portraits Contest. They share their thoughts.

“We would like to thank WeddingSutra for giving us the opportunity to judge a very diverse and talented set of photographers and their images. It is a privilege to be part of this wonderful effort by WeddingSutra and all the photographers/couples whose images were submitted. To all the contestants who submitted their wedding portraits and engagement sessions, thank you all so much for sharing your lovely images. We kept coming back to the images again and again and analyzed each image in great detail. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art and thats what made the decision-making process so intense yet rewarding for us. Being filmmakers, in addition to photographers, we always look for a story in each image. There was one image which we felt had utilized posed candidness very well while telling a story and creating an emotion which made it interactive while portraying and capturing the couple. By involving subjects, other than the bride and groom, in the image, the love is captured through the eyes of the subjects. Very rarely do we see such interaction between the camera and subjects other than the bride and groom. The image has a very cinematic appealing and yet tells a perfect story of love.

Congratulations to Amar Ramesh who photographed Umashankar & Shirpaa in Theni, Tamil Nadu.

Beautiful composition, landscape and utilization of multiple subjects made this still stand out amongst so many other beautiful images. A perfect blend of story telling, chemistry between the couple and a cinematic frame with a rural backdrop. Another image that caught our eye was the beautiful image of Akshi and Sumit at Alsisar Haveli in Jaipur- clicked by Dev Purbiya. The image is a timeless portrait and epitome of royalty. The backdrop of the haveli is perfect and candidness in this posed portrait makes it very natural. Akshi’s bridal outfit stands out against the off white architecture of the haveli. This image was a close second to the winning image.”

Editors Message- Congratulations to Amar Ramesh and all the contestants- truly inspiring and so exciting to see such talent and thank you Mili and Sid for taking time to be a part of this exciting process. Click here to see all the entries which were short-listed for the Popular Choice and Judges Choice Award

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