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A Cricket themed wedding proposal so unique, it will bowl you over!

Nishant got the best surprise a cricket fan could ask for – a wedding proposal, complete with a cricket bat and a season ball.

Cricket themed wedding proposal

We all know people who are madly in love… with cricket. But Shetal realized that her man’s love for the game was something else. So the quirky, clever bride decided to get her head into the game and ended up hitting it out of the park with her wicket sense of humor!

Shetal says, “Nishant is a cricketer and having represented his school, college and club cricket team, he is a hard core cricket lover. I never understood the hype around this madly followed sport.” Still, as they started dating, she made peace with the fact that Nishant bats first for the game even though she’d bowled him over. She grins as she says, “They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in my case, the way to my man’s heart was through the bat and ball! So I decided that it was only apt that the question be popped to him in a cricket ball with a ring right on top of it!”

Shetal used a miniature cricket bat to encrypt a personalized message and made a ring holder out of an actual season ball. Then she proposed to Nishant in front of their entire family. As for Nishant, he jokingly says Shetal played it really smart by popping the question using a bat and a ball since she knows he could never refuse anything to do with cricket! The couple is all set tie the knot early next year.

Cricket themed wedding proposal

To all those looking forward to do something unique for their cricket-loving partners, take cues from this fun couple.

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