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Designing Wedding Photobooks with Avnish Dhoundiyal

Avnish Dhoundiyal is a contemporary and candid wedding photography based in Delhi. He started his professional career as an interior visualizer, as he has always been fascinated with lighting and colors. His love for travelling is what led him to pursue photography.


Sentimental and Solid Value of Photobooks
Ever since I began my photography venture, I knew that albums have an important role to play in the overall experience I offer clients. A wedding album is much more than just a collection of images; it’s a lasting reminder of your wedding day, it’s a photobook for the generations who haven’t been born yet, and is something for them to experience and admire.


When I photograph a wedding, I’m always thinking about how the images will work or look in an album. With wedding albums, we tell YOUR story.  Each image is carefully selected, edited, and arranged in a manner that presents the sequence of events while telling the beautiful story of the start of your family. My clients first see the digital album on their computer and then afterwards when they flip through a gorgeous custom-designed album their expressions says it all. Obviously seeing the album in print is much more exciting.


Advice for Couples
There’s always the temptation to save money by ordering digital photographs and getting them printed by someone at a lower cost. This might be a short-term way to save cost but when you are deciding on your albums just remember why you hired and invested in a professional photographer in the first place. They are the experts and if you trusted them for your wedding photos, trust them with designing an album and recommending the best print solution too. We have partnered with Canvera who help us print stunning coffee table books, with excellent paper quality and durability.


Digital Sharing of Photobooks
As we have partnered with Canvera, they help us in showcasing the albums online through their website. We share the link with our clients and they forward it to their close family members (or friends and relatives too) before the printed version is delivered.The best thing about this is that it simplifies the album proofing process. When we design the album and share the online link with our clients, they leave comments on the album if they want to get any changes- e.g. color toning, swapping photographs, etc. This enables brides and grooms to be a part of the album design process and helps them share feedback easily without going through the bother of composing emails or explaining it on phone.

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