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Despite the lockdown, this couple defied all odds and successfully celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary online

Dimple and Mukesh Kothari had already begun planning a grand celebration in Bali to honor their 25th Wedding Anniversary when the dreaded global pandemic of COVID-19 escalated. With an original plan of flying out 40 couples for three nights and four days filled with memorable celebrations, they had to unfortunately cancel all their plans. However, this determined pair notwithstanding these challenges, refused to give up a chance to spend time with their loved ones and instead, decided to make full use of technology by hosting a unique digital event in Indian Weddings & Celebrations Industry orchestrated seamlessly by WeddingSutra Favorite – Swaaha WMC who used their excellent planning skills to execute an event filled with equal doses of entertainment and emotion.

Swaaha WMC

With a focused vision in mind, team Swaaha chose the concept of #ZoomPeDhoom for this fun virtual party which urged all family members to use the popular video calling app ‘Zoom’ to join the happy couple who were celebrating from their home. Equipped with a guest list of approximately 160-180 people, this was no easy feat, and the team went out on a limb by creating exciting e-invites and virtual backgrounds to keep things interesting. Kick-started by Mareesha Parikh – Creative Director – Swaaha EMC & CEO The Wedding School the evening was off to a great start as she hosted the party and made everyone feel comfortable with her witty anecdotes and electrifying energy. Following this were heart-rendering acoustic tunes by acclaimed artist Stebin Ben who accepted song requests from various family members as he belted out melodious tunes that had everyone enthralled.

Swaaha WMC

Adding his groovy beats into the mix was DJ AJ who had everyone on their feet with his thrilling tunes. Keeping in mind the importance of communication and entertainment at such a unique event, the planning team had also organized a series of fun games, award ceremonies, exhilarating challenges that ensured the guests were actively involved, despite the fact that they were miles away from each other. In true tradition, Dimple and Mukesh also cut a three tier cake and popped champagne to celebrate their moment of love surrounded by their family albeit digitally.

Swaaha WMC
Swaaha WMC

Planning: Swaaha WMC
Entertainment: Stebin Ben

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