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For the discerning groom who has a passion for clothing and an eye for detail

A wedding is a big deal. It’s a dance of a million different pieces all trying to make sure the rhythm is perfect and nobody falls out of step. In other words, a wedding is a stress explosion. What we have in our heads and what actually transpires can often be two very different things. To help alleviate the stress, we introduce you to CAMESSI – a luxury bespoke menswear brand. Camessi truly believes in tailoring their products to your desires. Armed with an in-depth understanding of your measurements, preferences and unique sense of style, their in-house bespoke consultants assess every nuance of your personality and translate it into your attire.

Camessi Bespoke caters to your every sartorial whim and fancy – and, once the finished item of clothing is presented to you, they revel in your satisfaction.

Look 1: Formal Elegance
Tom’s Camessi bespoke white Italian kent collar shirt assesses the best in man and translates it onto cloth. Camessi’s consultants make a personalised assessment of each and every client, noting intricate measurements, lifestyle choices, habits and individual characteristics, so as to project each client’s personality onto his attire. A Camessi Bespoke masterpiece is a labour of love, one that is a sheer joy to slip into. After all, feeling good is the first step towards looking good. 23 virtually invisible stitches per inch, 3mm hemlines and french side seams make it the perfect shirt to wear under a suit or without a blazer. The contrasting 100% cotton handmade trousers in deep plum bring an element of fun to the outfit, making it apt for a post wedding sundowner!

White Shirt priced at Rs. 7,300/-
*Both Trousers priced at Rs. 12,950/-


Look 2: Striped Debonair
Inject some personality into your look with a striped shirt, a high cutaway collar and pair it with a dark-hued cotton trousers. Dhiraj’s royal blue handmade trousers with assiduously handcrafted buttonholes, manually pick-stitched seams and hand-turned hems, perfectly complement his bespoke white and indigo striped shirt with precious mother-of-pearl buttons and painstakingly perfect buttonholes making it an interesting cocktail party ensemble.

Striped shirt priced at Rs. 8280/-


For more information on Camessi’s bespoke experience, please visit their website at www.camessi.com

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