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Ever heard of Self Arranged Marriages? Now you will – Wedeterna.in

Wedding ceremonies and rituals may not have changed over the years, but the process of looking for love has. The traditional arranged marriage, where the elders had complete freedom to choose a life partner for their child is gently fading into history. Today’s parents know they want their child to find love and understanding above all else and are happy to help them choose their own match, even if that match is from another ethnicity.

Most matrimonial sites haven’t caught up yet, still catering to the older generation of parent, to whom cold statistics like height, weight, complexion, caste, religion etc are important. None are evolved enough to cater to prospective brides and grooms to whom personality and character traits take precedence.

Wedeterna has changed the game quite radically. It is a startup based out of Bengaluru encouraging the DIY philosophy to arranged marriages. Everything on the site is DIY, starting with profiles that have to be self-created. Every profile on the site has been set up by singles looking to find love and commitment, revealing their heart’s desires with great honesty.


Wedeterna’s innovative profile features bring out personality and character traits, not just vital statistics. Speak your mind and share your thoughts on everything from life to movies and scan through profiles of other likeminded singles. The profile pages present different aspects of one’s personality: social, candid, photo collages and even partner preferences. Whatever you have in mind for your perfect partner, you’ll find it on Wedeterna.

You can scan through an array of profiles and find someone who comes closest to your unique specifications. Maybe it’s a nature lover who digs Bollywood flicks, an engineer who is a part-time mountaineer or a foodie bitten by the travel bug. You’re sure to find your perfect match on Wedeterna.


Wedeterna understands concerns of security and privacy on a matrimonial site. They’ve addressed it with incredible efficiency. Your personal details, email id and phone number are never shared and never made public. No one gets access to it, not even the site’s premium members! While anybody can request for your contact details, only you get to decide who you want to get in touch with.

The most amazing thing about Wedeterna is also the reason for its genesis. Now you can bypass the awkward traditional arranged marriage scenarios, and cut straight to the chase. Shortlist your favourites, get to know them, chat, share interests and if you feel the sparks flying, exchange contact details, meet the parents and then say ‘I do’!

W: www.wedeterna.in
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Wedeterna
Google Playstore App Link: https://goo.gl/jmb2yk

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