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Exchange wedding vows with precious Platinum Love Bands

Marriage is a promise of togetherness, a celebration of moments and memories and the beginning of a new journey with the love of your life. It could be celebrated as a traditional or fusion wedding, a low key court marriage or an extravagant affair, but the essence of it all is the coming together of two individuals in a ceremony that is full of beautiful emotions.

Photo Courtesy- Dev Purbiya

Amid the joyous and happy celebrations, one of the private and much treasured moments for the couple is the exchange of wedding rings. A special and much-awaited moment, this exchange becomes a symbol of undying and unconditional love, unity and commitment. A ritual that completes the wedding and binds the union of two souls. And what better way to capture the moment than with a pair of precious platinum love bands which are a symbolic of eternal love and commitment.

From simple and subtle work to bands with fine designs platinum love bands have since time immemorial been the preferred choice to take the vows of marriage. Platinum is by far the perfect expression of love for not only does it last a lifetime, it is also one of the most rare and precious metals. A precious, naturally white and enduring metal, platinum does not fade or tarnish over time, ostensibly making it ‘eternal’, like the love you feel for your partner.

Click here to visit the Design Gallery featuring the ‘Platinum Love Bands’ Collection 2013-14.

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