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Experience The Exuberance of Middle Eastern Sweets This Wedding Season

Recipes for traditional Middle Eastern sweets go back hundreds of years, evolving with tribes, invaders, traders who brought dates, nuts, fresh fruit and exotic spices from the Orient. Turkey’s Ottoman Empire introduced the paper-thin phyllo pastry and the dense sweet coffee, kava. A treat only for the rich, thin layers of the dough were layered with expensive nuts, honey poured over and became a tradition at weddings.

Baklava was a status symbol. It’s melting flakiness, rich textures and delightful appearance made it an exotic wedding feast highlight.

Middle Eastern Sweets by Foodhall - Turkish Delights

Foodhall, India’s premium lifestyle food superstore brings home the allure of the Middle East with a range of lavish desserts. A passionate quest for authentic, exotic flavours took Foodhall across the Arabian Sea. Using the century old royal recipes that trace their lineage from Persia across Europe to the Middle East, rich, sweet delicacies like Pistachio Lime Cookies, Caramel Nut Fingers, Pistachio Meringue Chocolate Biscuit and many more are handmade to perfection. Almonds, pistachios, apricots combine in time-honoured marriages of flavour with rose, nougat, infusing the phyllo with aromas redolent of the mystic Middle East. The menu also features luxurious Dates from Iran, plump Apricots of Turkey and assorted nuts snuggled within Figs from Jordan.

We are all familiar with Baklavas. But what makes Baklavas and other Mediterranean sweets so exotic? A gift from the glorious Ottoman Empire, layers of crisp pastry barely hold a rich combination of flavourful nuts, served, like all precious things, in tiny sizes. A final flourish of spices and syrup turns the offering decadent. Foodhall’s Middle Eastern Menu brings to you a range of Baklavas like Cashew Boukaj, Pistachio Kitaa, Cashew Asawer, Almond Asabi, Pistachio Ballouria, Almond Tart, Pistachio Osh-el Bul Bul, Cashew Kolweshkor and many more luscious handcrafted confections.


A touch of Exuberance with Baklava Platter: A scrumptious selection of the finest baklava pieces beautifully arranged on a gold platter. It is perfect for presenting to your host or for corporate gifting.

Using the traditional technique of syrup-soaking, Basbousa – a semolina cake flavored with orange blossom water and nuts is a treat for the senses. Squares of these cakes, are bejeweled with assorted dried fruit like Pistachio with Almonds or Apricot with figs before serving. Basbousa is exotic because of its versatility – this dessert changes its personality when you add the flavour you love, orange, lemon, coconut, chocolate or even nuts.

Turkish Delights, a family of confections that originated in Turkey, is another Middle Eastern favorite. Foodhall’s Middle Eastern Menu presents luscious pistachios with the finest ingredients – Sesame Pistachio Rahesh, Pistachio Lokum, Malbaan Pistachio Date Roll, Pistachio Nougat, Coconut Pistachio Al Sultan, Gianduja Pistachio Date Roll.

Middle Eastern Sweets by Foodhall - Pistachio Osh El Bul Bul_ Stuffed Dates with Hazelnuts-horz


Luxury Assortment of Nuts: Assorted box of dried fruits & nuts have stood the test of time as the perfect present. Fail-safe, this hamper comes to the rescue as a gift for any occasion. It sits pretty on a table while you entertain guests at home and speaks volumes when gifted to someone you care about.

Foodhall is passionate about gifting and completely understands the need to create a masterpiece. Creating these handmade delights requires incredible knowledge and skill. The chefs at Foodhall have meticulously, expertly handcrafted them to delight those you wish to gift. Whether a festive or congratulatory moment, you can select your favourites from the menu and personalize a box of these unique treats. As you can see, the Middle Easternsweet selection is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the palette.

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