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The face mask guide for responsible weddings

One of the biggest experiences not to mention lessons that arose out of the world-wide lockdown, has certainly been the importance of love over all else.

face maskPhoto Courtesy: Shutterbug Film Company

Grand weddings gave way to intimate, home ceremonies, as many couples chose not to wait to solidify their eternal bond and celebrated with their loved ones while all the same, observing necessary health measures and social distancing.

face mask
face maskPhoto Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

And while they adhered to mandated rules such as limited guest lists and face masks, many got innovative.

Responsible yet trendy
Always enterprising, designer brands and trendy couples found interesting ways to add some flair to the guidelines. While couples could still live out their royal wedding fantasies by dressing up for their home weddings, mandatory face masks posed a dilemma – beautiful memories over health? However, fashion lovers found their solution in custom made masks either made creatively at home or put together by their designers to match their outfits. We applaud these couples for their initiative to make their day special while strictly following rules to ensure the wellbeing of themselves and their families.

face maskPhoto Courtesy: Cinelove Productions

Designer masks – yay or nay?
While select designers have tapped into the ongoing situation by introducing trendy looking masks for daily wear and special occasions like weddings. Social media is inundated with brides and grooms getting married wearing stylish masks made to match their outfits and wedding themes. But then again, the fashion world stays divided on whether beautification of what constitutes a medical necessity is justified, despite willing customers. However, we firmly believe that regardless of whether you choose to wear surgical masks or opt for fancier, custom made options, ensuring the masks’ full safety standards is of utmost importance.

In the words of ace bridal designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, as he rightly says, “We are talking about a health crisis here, and I hope we don’t put privilege on things that are essential for health.”

face mask

If you are opting for custom made masks…
Ensure that the mask is made out of 2 layers of tightly woven 100% cotton fabric, as per CDC recommendation. The mask should fit snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps.

face mask
face mask
Photo Courtesy: Fab India (Left), Limerick by Abir N’ Nanki (Right)

Safety first, always!
Expressing love first and foremost, means ensuring the health and wellbeing of your beloved.
Protect yourself and others. Practice social distancing. Wear a Mask.

Help fight this pandemic and flatten the curve.

face mask
face mask
 Photo Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography (Left), Mehar Photography (Right)

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