Fairground Attraction

Cotton candy, ferris wheels and bubbles were the perfect backdrop for Nabiya and Abid’s pre-wedding photo-story of young love.  

Nabiya tells us how her mother happened to talk about the exhibition ‘Numaish’ at Nampally Exhibition Grounds, Hyderabad around the time when she was planning her pre-wedding shoot with her groom-to-be Abid. “My mother mentioned the exhibition and it triggered so many childhood memories for Abid and I; the colours, lights and people at a funfair in addition to it being an unconventional venue for a pre-wedding photoshoot. We shared the idea with our Photographers Divya and Debasish of SutraSnapperz and they loved the idea!

To be honest, the shoot wasn’t as easy as we’d envisaged; Abid and I are camera-conscious and it didn’t help that there were so many people around some of whom even commented on how awkward we were! We were posing for a shot, hugging and a random elderly gentleman walked up to us and said: ‘Public place hain yaaron!’ as he passed by.

Thank goodness for Divya and Debasish who talked us through it and made us laugh to distract us from the stares we got. Divya charmed the store vendors into helping us with the shoot and in the end, it was so much fun! What matters most is that our families and us were so pleased with how well the pictures turned out! And we got a lovely pre-wedding shoot at a place filled with beautiful childhood memories.”

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Photography- SutraSnapperz

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